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Jun 16, 2012 04:07 PM

Marea or Lincoln for lunch?

Which would you rather? 1 word response please.

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          1. re: Charles Yu

            I guess the OP doesn't care but I'd like to know why.

            1. re: Worldwide Diner

              I love Lincoln but, unlike Marea, its best dishes are usually not on the lunch menu. I'd choose Marea over Lincoln for lunch.

              1. re: H Manning

                I have been to Lincoln only at dinner, and Marea only at lunch. Both were excellent. But the pasta with bone marrow at Marea was one of my favorite dishes of the year. Based on that, if I had a single meal it would be Marea.

                1. re: H Manning

                  What are the best dishes at Lincoln (at dinner)?

                  1. re: SimonC

                    I LOVE Lincoln's 'Cacciucco' Amazingly dense broth that's bursting with shellfish/lobster flavor. The addition of a little bit of 'heat' was a very nice touch. Shellfish and fish was cooked perfectly. Overall much better tasting than Marea's 'diluted' Italian seafood stew that costs $10 more!! ( ingredients almost the same except Marea's version has a limp scampi! )
                    My other favourite was Lincoln's ' Strozzapeti neri alla Puttanesca' . Flavour galore from the capers and anchovies. If you are not shy about intense flavour profile, this is the pasta for you! The fresh, crunchy Florida shrimps were executed perfectly. Best scenario is to have Marea's 'crabmeat, sea urchin and basil' pasta for lunch and then Lincoln's Shrimp Puttanesca pasta for dinner! Ha!
                    BTW, why not just go for the Chef's Tasting menu??!

                    1. re: SimonC

                      Lincoln's best dishes at dinner (which are not on the lunch menu):

                      Grilled octopus
                      Grilled quail
                      Rigatoni with lobster and mascarpone cream
                      Loin of veal
                      Roast duck
                      Pork chop

                      The lunch menu is still quite good though, especially the tripe, carbonara, bolognese, pork shoulder ravioli, linguini with clams, and the steak.

                      Among the side dishes, the gnocchi with black truffles is great, also the eggplant parm, roasted mushrooms, and asparagus with parmigiano reggiano.

                      The sunlight streaming through the glass walls is also quite wonderful.