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Jun 16, 2012 03:25 PM

Calgary restos

Hey Calgary Hounds!

Long-time Toronto hound here and one greatly looking forward to my upcoming trip out West for Calgary Stampede.

Currently, I have a ressie for Charcut but was told today that it's overrated and over priced. Thoughts?

How about "Avec'? Any thoughts on there?

How do the two compare??

Many thanks!!

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  1. I think Charcut is ok. Worth a visit but it wasn't mind blowing. Enjoyable enough.

    I ate at Avec last week and really enjoyed it. It's very relaxed, intimate and the food was great.

    The two don't compare at all, really. If I had to return to one tomorrow, I'd go to Avec. That may just be my personal taste

    1. I was really disappointed by Charcut. I though it was dark and loud, to start. I felt that it was overpriced, for sure, and nothing served to me was memorable (nor was it anything I couldn't make at home, but that's a controversial statement on this board!).

      I have not been to Avec, but it's a bit. . . I don't know, but I won't be going anytime soon.

      What are you looking for? Price range, types of food, atmosphere? There are a lot of great choices in Calgary!

      1. You can't come to Alberta without having a nice steak dinner! I would recommend Vintage Chophouse for that, but there are plenty of restaurants that offer up a great steak as well. I also like Vero and Notable if you're looking for a good meal. I was at Charcut on Monday and it was... meh. Just my humble opinion :)

        1. I have to say, I love Charcut. It's not overpriced for what you get and I wouldn't say it's overrated either... I think some people just hyped it beyond reason. I highly enjoyed my times there. I have no idea about Avec. Are you in the downtown? Teatro and Rush are both good, but quite a bit more expensive than Charcut. Charcut is definitely on the more casual side compared to them. :)