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Jun 16, 2012 03:04 PM

Sides for Salmon?

I am making my first romantic dinner for the new man in my life. I plan on serving a Roasted Salmon with Macadamia-Cilantro Crust and am in need of ideas and recipes for sides to serve with it. If you have any ideas for wine parings those would be welcomed as well.

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  1. I know you didn't ask this, but as someone for whom cilantro tastes like soap, that salmon might not put me "in the mood."

    1. I doubt that there's more than a tablespoon or two of chopped cilantro in your recipe (if there is, find another one) but if you don't know how your guests feels about cilantro, try parsely instead. Won't be the same flavor but it doesn't taste like soap either.
      Wine selection: Chenas Beaujolais
      As a side dish I might ordinarily suggest a rice pilaf with chopped nuts but you've got the macadamia nuts to let's not go there. I'll also leave out sides with garlic (it is, after all, a romantic dinner) and suggest this one:

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        apples and squash are kind of autumnal, are they not?

        i do however like the idea of rice with the salmon. basmati or jasmine, cooked with some oj and chicken stock for flavor and color. shred some orange zest in there too.

        peapods, or pea tendrils, lightly steamed with a bit of butter and salt.

        cilantro is weird to pair with stuff, inlcuding wine. i'd do an oregon pinot noir with this though.

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          love the Oregon Pinot idea....1 of my favorite preps for salmon includes steamed Asian veggies like bok choy,u toy, or whatever looks best.

          If these aren't available, sub spinach.

          Green looks nice on the plate..:)

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            Yes, of course. Out here on the left coast we get all of this stuff year round and I forget that not everyone has that luxury. Perhaps it's an idea better suited for another season.
            How about a par boiled scallop squash, scooped out and stuffed with a jasmine rice cooked in chicken stock with minced onion, perhaps some bacon bits mixed in, and topped with grated Mozzarella, finished under the broiler? Mix the scooped out squash with the finished rice before stuffing if you wish.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              Thanks, I love the idea of the oregon pinot noir, one of my favorite wines. As for the rice what protions of oj and chicken stock would you use?

          2. I can't get specific with wines, but a nice red would be appropriate w/ a meaty fish like salmon. You could do a beautiful white too, but nothing too heavy or sweet here, so as not to overwhelm the main. Basmati rice steamed with lemon zest and sauteed snow peas glazed with butter would be delicious w/ this; or steamed tiny new potatoes tossed in a gremolata-type "dressing," lelmon zest and parsley and garlic and olive oil. Sauteed spinach w/ a hit of ginger would be mighty tasty w/ this combo.

            1. If the weather is warm, I think the rice is a nice light choice. But if the weather is cool where you are, I have to vote for mashed potatoes because I think they are the way to a man's heart.

              1. I don't have the specific recipe, but I once made salmon wrapped in parchment paper with couscous. The liquid in the parchment cooked both the salmon and the couscous. I don't mean to deter you from your original recipe, but I thought I would mention it.

                What is nice about it is that you can prep the packets and everything cooks at one time in the oven. That way, you aren't stuck in the kitchen.