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Jun 16, 2012 02:31 PM

Dinner in Canton, Ohio area


I am looking for a dinner recommendation for the Canton, Ohio area next week. I tried searching the boards and couldn't find anything on the Canton Area. The hotel is in North Canton and I will have a car so I can drive 15-20 minutes if it is worth the trip. As far as types of cuisine, the only thing we really aren't crazy about is very spicy food. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Gervasi. Absolutely beautiful setting with indoor or outdoor dining options. I've only been there for lunch so I can't speak to the wine, but our meals were wonderful with lots of fresh local ingredients. Call soon -- can be tough to get a reservation, especially on a weekend.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, they were already booked up for tomorrow.

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        Try Lucca's downtown. They use local ingredients. Not as gorgeous of a setting as Gervasi's but I think the food is better.

    2. It has been awhile since I've been here, but my husband and I like 91 Wood Fired Oven. We've been to the N. Canton location.
      We keep meaning to return, but it's not an area we frequent all that often.

      1. Bombay Sitar is very good. Also, there is a very good italian restaurant in a totally beat, nearly abandoned shopping strip out from North Canton. I gotta run but I'll look it up when I get back.

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          I second Bombay Sitar. They have a lunch buffet as well.

        2. Canton has a million restaurants, so it depends what mood you're in.

          Winking Lizard is a fun sports bar type place. I would go for their extensive beer list more than the food.

          My indulgence is Sukho Thai's Singapore Noodles

          Gervasi as mentioned before is definitely the nicest place around.

          So many places I've eaten at and have my favorites, but I don't feel they're super special, hmmm.