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Jun 16, 2012 01:41 PM

Cuban sandwich

Where in Dallas can I get an authentic Cuban Sandwich?

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  1. Jimmy's Food Store has a really good Cuban...not perfectly authentic, but still delicious.
    Caribbean Cafe has an excellent Cuban. Try those...

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    1. re: ShanghaiSam

      Jimmy's Cuban is a pretty good sandwich, But, I have nothing to compare it to as I've never had a "true" Cuban as they make them in Miami.

    2. http://www.internationalbakerycubandu... They are pretty much authentic cubans. The only real difference is that most Cuban places in Miami are greasier.

      They are very small about four or five tables. I normally get my food to go. They are in the Target shopping center on Josey & 190. They are towards the north end of the center.