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Jun 16, 2012 01:25 PM

Alimento on King street west - Delicious and nice service!

Just wanted to compliment both the food and service at Alimento.
Ate brunch there today. The green salad was dressed to perfection with apples/beets/goatcheese. I was expecting a boring plate but it was so perfect!
Also, the pizza was comparable to the best i've had in the city. Service is top notch and the free samples in the store are generous.
We had a free lamb skewer, lamb sausauge, espresso and italian ice.
The roast porchetta from the deli section of their store as well as in house olive oil and cheeses have all been delicious too.
This place brings me straight back to Florence and Rome.
I really hope it does well :) I will be a regular for sure!

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  1. Yea its a super great. Wish they attracted more people. I don't get it.

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    1. re: justsayn

      We were thinking the same thing the whole time, which is exactly why I posted this. With the quality of food and great service this place should be packed!

    2. I have read several reviews of Alimento and all have been favourable. But I don't really understand the place. Is it a restaurant or store or both? How are the prices say as compared to an Italian restaurant in the area? Do they have a liquor license. Can I expect to get a table for 6-8? Is there any parking nearby? How come no web site to answer these questions after a year?

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      1. re: Herne

        The answer is yes to all of your questions.
        It is a store with a restaurant attached. The restaurant area is a decent size and looks like it could accomodate that many people. They serve liquor - and actually have a good selection of italian beers/cocktails. Location is king/brant. There is a Lot across the street (paid parking), street parking, and I'm sure other areas you could find a spot close by.

        1. re: pancake

          Oh and as for the prices - very comparable to the other italian restos in Toronto. A large pizza (oval - 6 decent slices) salad and 2 drinks came to about $45.

          1. re: pancake

            Thanks pancake. I'll try it out soon and may provide some business for them.

            1. re: Herne

              they also have a very nice bakery section -- well executed italian cookies, pastries, some breads, taralli, etc., and reasonably priced.

      2. i've found their food to be ok.

        the pizzas always seem to be missing something a little extra to make them great. intensity, richness... something. we were really disappointed with their potato pizza that came with nearly raw potato slices on top (they were really thin, not sure how it wasn't cooked).

        but i do like the little mozz balls to start, the variety of bread as well, and their pastas and meatballs have a lovely sense of rustic simplicity that the decor of the place belies a bit. you expect some kind of modern twist but it's just good and fresh.

        i've had a very inexperienced server who got very nervous around us when he recognized his screw up and one experienced server that was perfectly fine.

        1. This place is great! I do hope they do well. Their grocery selection is comparably priced with the local places. They have some products not available at most places - certain balsamic products, olive oils, dried porcini, pastas, canned/jarred goods, cheeses, etc. It's not a one stop shop though, which is why we don't go more often. They hardly have any produce and their dairy fridge is not great. We tried the cooking creams they have, and I just don't like them. Everything else is great and we go there to pick up a few special treats or ingredients.

          We were very happy to see that they have more ready made food available (e.g. ready to serve salads, at the expense of the biscotti counter! but ok...) and house-made frozen lasagne and pizza to heat up at home. We tried the pizza and it was pretty good. Much much better than the 'gourmet' supermarket frozen pizza (which we have tried in hopes of finding decent fast cooking weeknight dinners). We will definitely try their frozen lasagne.

          We have had lunch there too. Perfect pasta! Nice simple, clean and fresh flavours.

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          1. re: ukers

            i was actually sad to see the reduction in their bakery counter. we really enjoyed their pastries and cookies. we also had a very nice meal at their adjoining restaurant. however there hardly seems to be anyone in there whenever i drop by, which i find both surprising and disappointing. i hope they stick around!

          2. Finally checked this place out last week. Gorgeous.light-filled space with ample seating and an interesting menu - we had an arugula salad with grapefruit and walnuts, a grated brussels sprout salad with some kind of pancetta and a gluten-free pasta dish (they will sub gluten-free pasta for any of their pasta dishes - a great thing to know, though they undercooked the pasta that particular day). Popped into the store afterwards to pick up some reasonably priced groceries - thin crust pizzas, antipasti, salamis, pasta and Italian cheeses. Then meandered over to Soma for some dessert fixings - yum!

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