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Feb 14, 2004 07:38 AM

Savory in Encinitas review

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So, hearing the hype of this place, I decided to pop in last night. Started with the Arrugula and Mustard soup, which was actually a potato based soup similar to Potato leek.. interesting flavor, but not very good. My wife had the Salmon tartare with radishes and pickled sea beans, the salmon was from the belly, which made it to fatty, but what was so depressing, is that the fish had to be several days old because it you could smell it... I had the smoked salmon which was not very good as well... now why these 2 apps.... The only other options were.. caesar salad, goat cheese salad, escargot......a few other items that didnt sound very interesting;;;

as entrees, My wife got the filet crusted in goat cheese.. over cooked, with under cooked potatoes, I had the 10z ribeye pepper crusted ribeye, which would of been be great if in wasnt sitting in a plate of sauce, and if it had peppercorns that were present. came with a potato gratin which was tasty.

all in all a very disappointing meal......

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  1. Wow, so if you had smelly fish and your steak was plated in a sauce that was not mentioned/disclosed on the menu did you complain/talk to your waiter or the chef/or otherwise try and alert the restaurant to the fact your meal was sub-par? If your wife's steak was cooked past how she ordered it, did you let your waiter know it wasn't cooked according to the order?

    Valentine's day is typcially not the best time for a restaurant. The kitchens are slammed all night and the clientele not always that discerning. With V-day being on a Saturday many local restaurants were expecting to do big business Fri-Sat-Sun.

    For a meal as bad as the one you described, I would definitely have tried to have talked to someone with the authority to either affect some improvements or affect my tab.

    1. No I did not.... It was Friday, a date night with my wife, and she really dislikes when I confront mistakes in restaurants, Only because she does not think I should hold other Chefs up to my standards.... I will address it with a letter to the chef, with a CC to the owner.

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        I'm with you on that, ChefToy. What's the point of going out if you can make a better meal at home? My Hubby doesn't mind it when I take a chef or manager to task on the spot, though...he hates it when the food at a much-vaunted restaurant disappoints!


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          Wow, I have eaten at Savory several times and have had wonderful food and service. Any 'chef' should know that Valentine's day is not the best day to try out a restaurant. There sauce on the steak is a true demi-glace and makes the meat delicious in my opinion. Maybe Red Robin across the street would have been a better option for you.