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Jun 16, 2012 11:54 AM

Chip Trucks, Bake Shops & Foodie Stops - Hwy 7. to Hwy 35 to Dorset, then Muskoka down to T.O.

Hey kids!
We're planning a big Ontario Shield road trip this week, in honour of Father's Day. Dad's been gone a long time, but we plan to take my Mom north for a nice nostalgic, WEEKDAY day-trip with some cheesy and/or quaint, touristy stops along the way.

It's been almost 15 years since I sold my Gull Lake cottage so I may be a little out-of-date, and I'm looking for recommendations for interesting scenic drives, chip trucks, baked goods, markets, campy attractions, touristy shopping for mom, and a chow foodie treat or two
- Mom's a chip-truck addict, but a lunch or tea by the water might be nice, too.

Our proposed route is Hwy 7. across to Hwy 35 north to Dorset, then across to Muskoka and then south, back to T.O.

On my list of features at the moment is:

- Anina's Goodwood Bakery (formerly Mrs. Wideman's)
- Lindsay, ON.
- Moore Falls & Miner's Bay
- Minden - Fruit Market & Kawartha Dairy
- Buttermilk Falls, etc.
- I remember a Trading-Post type of spot on 35 south of Dorset?
- Dorset General Store
- Scenic Drive west to Muskoka region then south to T.O.

What do you suggest?
1. Hwy 117 or Hwy 60 west?
2. Huntsville, Bracebridge or Gravenhurst? Pick one and give rec's.
3. Best bakeries, chip trucks & foodie stops?
4. Best scenic drives
5. Best touristy mom-friendly shopping?

...Any other suggestions?

Yes, I know this will be a long drive and a full day, but we are all experienced road-warriors :-)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can't help much with the touristy stuff - although I do now that the Trading Post is still around - albiet with new owners, but I can possible make some suggestions for the "Foodie" on the trip.
      In Lindsay check out St. Dave's Diner on Highway 36 for a great Breakfast or Lunch. Lot's of interesting breakfasts (served all day), ample portions and very reasonable prices. If your in Lindsay for Dinner and like steak you can't go wrong with Hobart's Steak House on Kent Street (check out the cheese fritters appetizer). If steak is not your thing, also on Kent Street is the Olympia Restaurant, a 3rd or 4th generation family business that was just awarded Lindsay's restaurant of the year. If you are going to be in the Fenelon Falls area at diner time Saucy Mama's (across from the high school) has great Chicken and Ribs (but bring your appetite it's the first time my husband and son ever needed a doggy bag at dinner!).
      Hope that helps a little.

      1. Lindsay - Second for the Olympia, also Kawartha Dairy Barn is good. Huge portions!

        Huntsville - in the downtown Belly Ice Cream is excellent and That Little Place by the Lights is really cute nice. Italian. I gather the lasagna is good - http://www.thatlittleplacebythelights...

        1. Sticky buns from either Henrietta's or Dwight Market are a MUST. Both are in Dwight, near Huntsville. It's a good idea to order ahead to reserve a dozen as they both run out pretty quickly during the day.

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          1. re: TorontoJo

            Also recommend the Hermits at Henrietta's.

            Have also enjoyed Ingoldsby Junction buttertarts in Haliburton. Haven't tried The Little Tart Bakery in Haliburton- might be worth trying if you're nearby. http://thelittletartbakery.blogspot.c...

          2. Hey Gang, thanks for all the tips!
            It's actually SHOCKING how few chip trucks still exist, any more!

            I used to pass 5 or 6 trucks on my way up to the cottage a few years ago, and now there was just two, and both were closed (probably only open weekends). We did manage to find a good one further north near the intersection of Hwy 35 & Why 60 at Dwight with great fries and onion rings, plus Mom had a Peameal Bacon on a Bun, another old-school fave. :-)

            We couldn't find Henrietta's, but we did grab a cone at Kawartha Dairy - still love their Pralines & Cream ice cream :-) and had we not passed by so early in the road trip, we always used to love a stop at Haugen's at Port Perry for rotisserie chicken, ribs, fresh-cut fries and pie. :-)

            Anyway, thanks for the tips, and feel free to share locations and recommendations for ANY other chip trucks within an hour or so of T.O. for our next adventure north. :-)