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Jun 16, 2012 11:10 AM

Fairhaven Orchard, Hollister - Famous for their plumb, sweet Bing Cherries - Anyone try it?

I read about it in the SJ Mercury Newspaper: Fairhaven Orchard is famous for their Bing Cherries. They are along Hwy 25, address the girl gave me was: 1448 Bolsa Rd (aka Hwy 25), Hollister. From SJ take 101 South past Gilroy, Take Hwy 25, 12 miles on Hwy 25 on the Right.

Anyone try their Bing Cherries?

Fairhaven Orchard
1448 Bolsa Rd (Hwy 25)
ph: 831-637-4221

Cherry season M-Sat 9-6; Sun 10-6

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