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Jun 16, 2012 09:55 AM

What's for Dinner #150 [old]

With temperatures in the northeast promised in the high 80s to 90 for the coming week, it's time to break out those summer meals. We started last night with a favorite meal from the days when we would spend every weekend on the North Fork of Long Island in a town called Mattituck. Yesterday, my son and I blasted out there for the day and bought the makings of our favorite meal: thick sirloin sliced over the local arugula that is so fresh it turns the water green when you wash it.

What hot weather meals are you making for dinner?

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  1. Hot weather! HAH!

    Here the temperature has been in the mid-teens for days and the forecast says that's set to continue. It's cold and wet. Stew weather, if you will.

    However, we're off to the city to dine. Indian restaurant which arrived in the city 3 years back amidst much hype and is now favoured by the regional glitterati.

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    1. re: Harters

      Damp, a little chill in the air...a perfect night for a curry IMHO. Enjoy your dinner Harters, looking forward to hearing about it.

        1. re: Harters

          Thanks for sharing this Harters, I thoroughly enjoyed your write-up. I'm also very hungry after reading it!

    2. Here in SEA, we are still having 'juneuary', with yesterday being better than most;; sunny and wow - a whopping 72 degrees... here - that is grillin' weather!

      Made the tiffiecanoe hoisin burger; reground a couple of my house-ground sirloin patties (which I thought were too course anyway), and added in the hoisin and a handful of minced chives. Grilled those up for a friend and I, made sriracha mayo, added tomato and avocado.

      Served up with corn on the cob with cilantro butter, and a nice asian cabbage slaw improvised with some rice wine,rice vinegar, sesame oil, jullienned cukes n carrots, a pinch of sugar. Quite tasty!

      Iced Vodka, soda water, and my ginger syrup with a lime wedge made it all the better for dining al-fresco...

      Today I am not cooking anything too interesting, as am prepping up for having Dad over for FD dinner tomorrow night. Will report back when I have the menu sorted out. Happy weekend all!

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        Hey a weather update first hand this am from my cuz who flew in this morning from Seattle.....since he was a New Yorker and (SteveH , if you are listening a Yankee fan) loves all food New York, we started with a bagel and a schmear first, and now off to a local Italian/pizza restaurant, that a friend of mine from college owns.....Cuz Ben is a foodie, big time....he will be here until July 6th , so he said we have plenty of time to cook.... tomorrow we are going to different look out Monday!

        1. re: PHREDDY

          PHREDDY, cool you have a cuz from SEA, love to find out if he is on CH, and what his 'handle' is. Curious if we have interacted on the board here.

          Enjoy your Pizza and BBQ outings, and look forward to hearing what you all cook together:)

        2. re: gingershelley

          Oh my gingershelley! Absolutely everything you've mentioned sounds delicious and that ginger cocktail....perfect! Enjoy your time w Dad.

          1. re: Breadcrumbs

            Thanks BC; that ginger syrup is a keeper.
            Just simmer lot's of ginger in sugar and water until it cooks down and is VERY strong, strain and bottle.

            Make a batch every couple weeks. Like it for a non alchi drink with soda and bitters, or a dab in strong iced sun tea for a lightly sweet beverage.

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            I did the hoisin burgers with an asian cabbage slaw too! Thanks for posting tiffie, they were great.

            1. re: gembellina

              I made a quick Trader Joes veggie burger the other night and slapped some hoisin and fresh avocado on. Not half bad!

          3. It's *barely* 60° just north of Boston, roxlet - so no summertime meal for me! I took out a beef tenderloin that I'll rub with an olive oil, mustard and freshly minced herb mixture and roast in the oven. Baked potato with sour cream and chives, and steamed green beans alongside. I suspect the leftovers will be repurposed into panini.

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            1. re: LindaWhit

              That's my absolute favourite way to prepare tenderloin Linda. And when we're talking beef tenderloin, with leftovers, everything old is new again. The only meat I like at all temperatures.

              1. re: LindaWhit

                I pan sear the outside for a couple of minutes then into the oven....You know, those potatoes sound just correct with this protein..

              2. This weather forecast blew me away as we have been freezing all day in our t shirts in Boston- the sun went away around lunch time and the east wind kicked in. Having company tomorrow - yippee- we have spent too much at WF and TJ's but now I have a good strata setting up for tomorrow- gruyere, spinach, sauvignon blanc- and the fixings for the rest of the meal, I wish we could just go out for a burger tonight. I had a hit of the Mr's whiskey and why did I decide to become a wine person? Some form of pasta and spinach will appear in a bowl shortly.

                1. 100+ here on the left coast .... so it's Asian Chicken Salad (with those delightful Chinese rice noodles) and a Trousseau Gri (Gray Riesling); coconut cookies for dessert.

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                    haven't seen you often on the WFD thread. welcome (back), todao :)