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Jun 16, 2012 09:08 AM

Where can you buy Nova in the Bay

Not lox. Just moved from the east coast.

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  1. Try Bi Rite, Dean and Deluca.Mollie Stone's, Faletti's or Andronico's.

    1. It's lox you can't get here, or for that matter very easily in New York. Everything labeled "lox" is nova.

      Costco, Trader Joe's, most any supermarket.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        so the salty kind is nova and the non salty is lox? I thought it was the other way around... what do you get at russ and daughters? nova i thought.

        1. re: hungree

          The saltier, hard-to-find kind is lox. Russ and Daughters is one of the few remaining places where they have both. To quote their Web site, "Most likely, when people refer to 'lox,' as in 'bagels and lox,' they are referring to smoked salmon, typically the traditional Gaspe Nova."

          There's lots of great cold-smoked salmon around here.

      2. step one:
        have a friend visit from the Eas Coast and bring some in a cooler chest...and don't forget to bring some sable too.

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        1. re: escargot3

          mmm... sable

          I don't see it on their menu, but on the weekends, Wise Sons Deli has had a plate of cured and smoked fish, and they list smoked wild king salmon on their menu for Saturday. Their smoked salmon was some of the best I've ever eaten. Actually, it might have been steel head trout, but in any case, it was fantastic and as good as what you could get in an appetizing store in NY. The sable didn't come close to Russ & Daughters though. They don't to my knowledge sell it per pound.

          1. re: hyperbowler

            Mail Order- Sorry I think it is the only way. I'm from New York and none of the smoked fish that I have tried around here has been that good. I usually get it from either Zabar's(also great cream cheese) or Barney Greengrass(their bagels and bialys are good there also), but I am sure that there are a lot more choices. Shipping must be one day, so it is expensive, but at least you can get great quality smoked fish.

            1. re: cometraveler

              Got my husband for Valentine's Day mail-order sable from Barney Greengrass--he was verklempt (overwhelmed w/ emotion) and otherwise thrilled. Recently have come to prefer Sarge's (hole-in-the-wall, old-style deli @ 3rd Ave and 36th in Manhattan) to Barney Greengrass's sable (less salty); and Sarge's also ships.

              But on a more local note, just this week bought smoked trout, made in-house @ Monterey Fish, in Berkeley--it was terrific!