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Jun 16, 2012 08:28 AM

Asheville - Best Farmers' Market for Visitor?

Mrs. Brewer and I will be renting a condo in downtown Asheville for 4 nights in mid-August. It sounds like AVL is bursting with awesome farmers' markets, so we'd love to pick up some great local produce (and meat, bakery, etc., if possible) at one of the markets and make dinner at our condo one night.

Any suggestions for: (1) the best market to outfit ourselves with great ingredients for dinner; and (2) the best market to capture the essence of AVL (a tailgate market, perhaps)? We have a car, so we're not opposed to driving to the market.

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  1. The Best two Choice is City Market on Charlotte Street And UNC in North Asheville(my Fav)
    but read link for more info

    1. Of course there's just the WNC Farmer's Market, as well. It might not capture the essence of Asheville per se, but it's open 7 days a week, and it's quite substantial.

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        My vote goes to the Asheville City Market on Saturday mornings downtown.

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          The Saturday morning City Market on Charlotte street is food fairyland. It is the answer to both 1 and 2. meat, eggs, cheese, pastry, bread, fresh pasta IN ADDITION to the healthier things i'm supposedly there to buy! ;-) I got 3 varieties of lettuce so beautiful my husband said it was a shame I had to wash it and tear it up for the salad last night before the guests could see it. Kale, chiogga and golden beats, purple spring onions...gorgeous stuff. These are all small farmers, most organic. Rather expensive. By august there will be tomatos!

          I haven't been to the WNC farmer's market in years, but last time I went, it was not the kind of experience I think you're after.

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            Thanks, JKidd, miss piggy, and danna. The City Market sounds great -- and it's only a half mile from our apartment!!