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Jun 16, 2012 07:51 AM

Food Truck in RI

Looking for food truck leads for a summer pre-wedding bash in Rhode Island...any ideas??

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        1. re: LMWW

          Wow, that's 13 trucks, about 10 of which aren't tied to existing brick and mortar restaurants.

          That's one of the reasons I'm split about the food truck movement. Imagine how much better our retail streetscape (which in PVD is always dotted with empty storefronts) would be if each of those trucks were filling a retail space. That kind of thing isn't stopping me from patronizing food trucks... yet. But it's something I think about, though...

          When I lived in New Haven, many food cart and stand owners used that phase of their careers to save up money to open restaurants eventually. That was a different time, though, when food carts and trucks were just that, a stepping stone, rather than a destination unto themselves.

          1. re: Garris

            I think the paradigm shift in food trucks has been driven by social media and the ability to advertise your location etc. on FB, twitter etc. vs. sticking to one locality as you had to back in the day. The classic New Haven hot dog trucks etc. down by long wharf etc. had to basically stay in that area as no one would know where to find them.

            1. re: Garris

              Poco Loco seems to have made the transition between truck and retail space. Remains to be seen how successful it will be, but they were swamped on opening weekend.

              I imagine that a lot of folks simply can't make the time or financial commitment that it would take to open a 'real' restaurant.

              Ate dinner at Plouf Plouf last night - my husband and I split the duck confit and duck burger, both were pretty amazing.

              1. re: barfly

                Saw the truck there on the corner on Waterman.....what was the Korean BBQ one near it?

                We drove by on our way to La Laterie for our 9th wedding anny dinner

        2. Another one:

          Seafood served on Shuckin Trucks comes directly from the Roebuck family fishing vessels, Salt Pond Oyster Company and other local fishermen in the Pt. Judith, Rhode Island area. Depending on the time of year, the boats catch sea scallops, lobsters, groundfish, finfish, squid, and oysters. Seafood is shipped out of Pt. Judith and is picked up by the Shuckin Trucks the following day, making for the freshest seafood available. Shuckin Trucks offer farm raised Salt Pond Oysters sustainably grown in Pt. Judith Pond that are harvested all year round

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          1. Try this list of food trucks in Providence:
            Seems to be pretty good?