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Sep 22, 2007 10:31 AM

Yoshida in San Marino

I was curious about Yoshida, and a group of us tried it about 1 month ago. In a nutshell:

* Yoshida was THE WORST Japanese restaurant I've been to in the last ~7 years, hands down! :(

Their sushi (every piece we tried from Hamachi to even the Toro(!)) had "tendons" in them. Of course it's unfair to compare Yoshida with the best places around, but after I've been to legendary places like the famous Sushi Nazi in LA, why do I need to suffer this mediocre sushi?

Yoshida also claimed they had *real* Kobe Beef (flown in from Japan), so we had to try that. At $35.00 for a small plate (a few slices!) we were soundly disappointed. The beef was VERY chewy and hard to eat... a slice of plain ol' Rib Eye Steak from Morton's, Ruth's Chris or Palms would TROUNCE this stuff.

The Ankimo (Monk Fish Liver) was SO fishy none of us at the table could even finish our first piece.

The Service was horrendous... there were like ~4-5 waitresses serving us (randomly floating between tables), and with that many waitresses, we had to ask at least ~4-5 times just to get served Tea (and it happened again when we asked for refills on the Tea).

The Tonkatsu (breaded pork) was like a BLOCK of Hard Rubber (no joke). We couldn't even finish our first bites on that as well.

There are FAR better places to go to like Japon Bistro (Pasadena) (which is really close by where Yoshida's is anyways), or even basic places like Kiyosuzu on Baldwin. Or just suck it up and go out to LA and get some real sushi. :)

Yoshida rating: 2.0 (out of 10.0). HORRIBLE.

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  1. ^^^^^^ you've got to be kidding me. Maybe you're used to americanized food. There fish quality is pretty darn fresh ... it all depends on your taste. Some people don't like raw fish or the taste of real raw fish and prefer the smoked or pickled or tasty dishes. It's a pretty good place.

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    1. re: Lostboy

      Hey Lostboy,

      Nope. Please don't insult me by throwing out the "Americanized / White-washed Card." I think my *opinions* are pretty straight-forward in my post.

      My guests and I are huge "Sushi Hounds" (and fans of Japanese cuisine in general) and we've been to many of the CH favorites like Nozawa, Sasabune, Shibucho, Sushi Gen, and I've been to Nobu's and many others over the years. Of course it's not fair comparing Yoshida to the best sushi in LA, but even from an "average" point-of-view, it was really bad. Every single dish mentioned above, in our outing that night was disappointing. Everyone at the table agreed, and we *wanted* to enjoy our food (I pass by Yoshida often, and was hoping it'd be a regular place I could add to my favorites).

      You have your opinion, I have mine.

      1. re: exilekiss

        my mom (who is from japan lived there for 40+ yrs and my sister) went to yoshida since sis lived right dow the street and thought the sushi was pretty mediocre to blah. this was 5 yrs ago when my sister moved to san marino so i don't know how it is now but...they said the fish was ok, not great and the rice was horrendous as it was barely seasoned. so even native japanese people thought it was mediocre, not just your americanized palate ;)

      2. re: Lostboy

        Wow, not to defend exilekiss or anything, but i'm pretty sure someone ordering Toro and Ankimo isn't looking for americanized sushi.

      3. compared to Saasabune or Mori, Yoshida is "americanized" but it's still one of the best sushi in SGV. I love Yoshida even though california roll is on the menu. It's what a major percentage of his customers want!!

        I have been eating Yoshi's sushi since 1994, before he relocated and used to have a tiny 6 seat bar plus 4 table space in a strip mall in east Pasadena next to a dougnut store, and I have never tried his cooked food, always sit at the bar and never once have I had a bad piece of fish.
        In the early 90's the SGV was filled with the mediocre half price and all Y.C.E joints serving the americanized rolls and bad fish. Only Katsu in Los Filez was schooling its patrons that there is another strata when it comes to authentic sushi.

        So my friend try Yoshida again, sit at the sushi bar in front of Yoshi and enjoy. I promise you will be pleased with what get for what you pay and for where you are....THE SGV!

        Plus you probably only dropped $50 instead of $200 like I do , per person , each time I visit Mori.

        Apples and oranges.

        Now I live in IE and I would KILL to have a Yoshida anywhere near me. Imagine having to drive two hours for excellent sushi, each way, if there's no traffic!!

        1. Well, at the very least they are dishonest. There is no such thing as real Kobe beef from Japan being legally sold in this country.

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          1. re: Bob Brooks

            That doesn't mean you can't get it. Just as when Foie becomes illegal, it will still will be able to be sourced.