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Jun 16, 2012 12:00 AM

Restaurants in Campobello, Lubec, Saint Andrew area????

Spending a week in that area this Sept. Looking for recommendations on where to go for seafood and other stuff as well. First trip there but long time Maritimes fan,

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. In Lubec, Cohill's Inn (and rooms above) is sometimes very good for pub food -- I once had good fish + chips, once a good burger, once a piece of great pie -- but it seems to "depend" . . . Home Port Inn is more white-tablecloth, reasonably good. St. Andrew's has the Rossmount Inn, which is superb, elegant, expensive: local local fresh fresh, fine wine list.

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      Thanks. Will look them up and decide when there

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        Look on line at Rossmount menu, if that's the kind of place you fancy. You would need to reserve . . . and fast.

        1. re: Dempsey

          Just did at your rec'd...not the route I want to take. Shorts/hawaiian shirt, Yankee hat my vaca style.

          Looking for the shacks, informal, not barrooms, but locals places for really solid local seafood...fried ok too by the way....lobster bakes/clam bakes, shacks, etc.

          Started a sea food fast last week to build into the trip..Haha....but true!

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            I would disagree with the statement that the Rossmount in is too fancy to wear shorts and hawaiian shirts in. Yes, there are people that are dressed up, but there are also people there in shorts and tee shirts. It is completely unpretentious.
            Yes, the food can be pricey, but it is the freshest, and most perfectly prepared food that you will find. The greens are from the garden behind the Inn, and the chef gets to freshest seafood and prepares it creatively. Not just deep fried or in a lobster roll.

    2. The dinner and breakfast at the Rossmount Inn were the best food we had in 10 days in New Brunswick, PEI and Maine. (We weren't dressed up, in travelling clothes, and they still took our money!) Next came Mache Bistro in Bar Harbor (ate at the bar due to lack of reservations at this 10-table restaurant); and Lot 30 in Charlottetown (again, ate at the bar; popular place). These meals were all in the 20+ dollar range, but worth it, since so many inferior and downright icky meals were quite pricey, too. (The Warm Lobster Bistro at Waterfront in Camden, ME, at $19, was tough and tasteless.) Hear that the Brazilian seafood dish at Cafe This Way in Bar Harbor is worth going back for 2 days in a row! Apple pie at Creek View Restaurant in Gagetown, NB, is good, but there really is no reason to go to Gagetown, despite what the guidebooks say. Happy foraging!

      1. Family Fisheries on Campobello for great fried seafood!