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Jun 15, 2012 09:16 PM

The Hellenik Grill

Solid Greek spot just off Yonge, on Fairlawn, in North Toronto.

Been twice now and I really like it. Glad I finally checked them out.

Dynamic? No. Groundbreaking? No. But it's real good, solid, simply done but very nice Greek food. The calamari is some of the best I've had in the city. Rice and potatoes are utterly delicious. Good pita, interesting and quite good tzatziki. Very tasty lamb souvlaki.

Burgers look great. Will have to try next time. They looked hella good grilling.

Gyros is box standard supplied. Don't bother with it unless in the mood for that sort of thing. Otherwise a really good neighbourhood option with a few tables outside to enjoy the weather on a sunny day.

Nice owners (who are Spartan - not that it matters I guess) really seem to care about making good, simple food with care. They are the second generation owners. Apparently the first owner wasn’t much to talk about but these guys seem to be making a go of it despite that legacy. I wish them luck!

Check it out if in the area.

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  1. Thanks for the report- I'll give this place another try.

    I hope the current owners are using a better feta, a better-tasting dressing and more tomatoes in their Greek salads. The souvlaki was fine, but I was disappointed by the salad when I tried this place a few years ago.

    Have you tried Karbouzi on Avenue Rd?

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    1. re: prima

      This salad is nice. Simple, but fresh. They give you a small container of dressing which you apply yourself. I wasn't sure if the dressing was housemade or not. Whatever it was I really liked it and the feta was perfectly fine.

      I think you should give Hellenik another try maybe. I don't know what its first incarnation was like - not much by all indications - but I like this spot, they seem to be doing things better.

      Again, not going to be a hotspot, but in a pinch it's a solid neighbourhood option (in my view!).

      I haven’t been to Karbouzi, but been passed countless times.

      1. re: magic

        Solid neighbourhood option? That's all I ask of a small local joint: simple, fresh, tasty food, well-executed, at a modest price. Under its original owners, Hellenik Grill wasn't quite a dud, but mighty close to it. And, given that it was essentially a small takeout spot (as it still is), overpriced to boot. So maybe it's time for another whirl. I like the idea of a reliably decent Greek joint in my part of town, even if it is mainly takeout.

        I also haven't been to the above-mentioned Karbouzi. It's the place next to Copper Chimney on Avenue Rd., no? Well, if it's a choice between a good Indian resto like Copper Chimney and some Greek spot I've never been to, it's Copper Chimney for me - till I hear a good word about Karbouzi. I've been burned too many times by dropping in cold to Greek restos around Toronto. Many start out respectably (I recall the wonderful Pan when it opened on the Danforth), then seem to unravel, cutting corners while raising prices. No consistency.

        1. re: juno

          Yeah maybe give Hellenik Grill another chance. New owners : )

          Each dinner was $14.95 btw. Reasonable enough I guess for that area. I was stuffed and the food was good so......

      2. re: prima

        Had the salad there last fall after receiving a flyer (not sure which ownership regime that would put it under), and it was disappointing, much as you described. Karbouzi's salads have been superior, and consistent.

        I remember telling Hellenik Grill management at the time that the most obvious URL for their business was being squatted - doesn't look like they've taken any steps to fix that situation up yet.

        1. re: gimel

          Thanks gimel. Will have to try Karbouzi one of these days. I also plan to give Hellenik Grill another try.

      3. Finally got around to trying the Hellenik Grill a second time.

        The chicken souvlaki was perfect tonight. Generous sized pieces of well-seasoned, moist chicken. I liked that the Hellenik Grill asked other customers how they wanted their lamb souvlaki cooked. Better feta in the salad than my previous visit, with dressing still on the side. The dressing tastes commercial to me, but the romaine lettuce, green peppers and tomatoes were freshly cut. No salad-out-of-the-bag taste. A small Greek salad with chicken souvlaki costs $9.50.

        I'm glad you encouraged me to give this place another try. Good value for this part of North Toronto. Open 7 days a week.

        Has anyone tried the Hellenik Grill's homemade 8 oz burgers?!oursto...

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        1. re: prima

          Glad you enjoyed!

          I haven't had the burgers yet, they are next on my hitlist.

          1. re: prima

            Like Prima, we had a great take-out chicken souvlaki dinner from Hellenik. (They deliver too.) Portions were very generous, food was tasty and fresh. Nice chunks of chicken were very moist. Great place to have in the neighbourhood when a good, quick meal is needed.

          2. Ordered delivery from the Hellenik Grill tonight.

            One of the best restaurant versions of avgolemono soup I've ordered in TO in years, and a generous portion for $4, chock full of rice and generous with the chicken compared to most restaurants on the Danforth. I'd say it's better tasting, and a better deal than Zorba's, which was running close to $7 for a small bowl last time I was there.

            Spanakopita was the snail-shaped type, with still flaky filo, and with a good filling that is closer to my ideal than Athen's. I'm not sure if they're rolling their own or outsourcing them- the filling seemed a little different than my last Akropolis spanakopita. Chicken souvlaki great, as usual. Very happy that they include delivery for meals over $25 (before tax) in their delivery zone.

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