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Jun 15, 2012 07:27 PM

Seeking individual size birthday cakes

Does anyone know where I can find an individual size birthday cake in Vancouver/Burnaby/New Westminster? I am not looking for cupcakes, rather a miniature layer cake, something around 4 inches in diameter, that would serve 1-2 people. I saw one at a party a while ago but have never seen one in a bakery. Ideally I am looking for something that doesn't need to be ordered in advance. Also, I am not interested in mini cheesecakes, or slices of cake, just a basic round, classic birthday cake.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ganache in Yaletown comes to mind. The have 6" cakes there.

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      6" cakes are also available at T&T, certainly not super fancy but a lot of people (incl. me) like their less-sweet and lighter icing and cream than "western bakery" cakes, Also they always have a good assortment of fruit-topped cakes with kiwis, dragonfruit, grapes, strawberries, peaches, etc. some with a chestnut paste middle layer:

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          Yeah, each 1" of that cake contributed to 1" of my expanded waistline ;-)

    2. Whole Foods and Sweet Obsession both spring to mind

      1. Hi placesettings,
        I've ordered a few from Saint Germain Bakery in the past few years.
        They are an Asian style birthday cake so, like LotusRapper said regarding the ones at T&T, these will be more light and spongy, rather than sweet and heavy.
        Their "individual size" cake is truly only one serving size, but the next size up is 6" if you need to feed more than one.
        I have only been to their Richmond (Aberdeen) location but they have locations in Vancouver (Oakridge) and Burnaby (Metrotown) too.

        There are pics and prices on their website:

        Hope this helps,

        1. Sweet E's on 41st in Kerrisdale do smaller cakes(6 inch size) and they're very yummy!

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! For myself, I absolutely love the asian style cakes with cream and fruit, but for this particular case I'm looking for more of a european style, with buttercream etc. Thanks again guys :-)