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Jun 15, 2012 07:20 PM

Portland ME w/kids

We have time for just one dinner with our kids in Portland Maine. Any must try casual places - I hear Fishermans Grill might be an option.


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  1. The food is good but the place is tiny, and when it gets busy{i.e. 6 or seven people} the service is slow.On the water and fun for all ages I'd reccomend Portland Lobster Co.

    1. Although I'm a huge fan of Fisherman's Grill, it's probably not the place I would send someone for one meal in Portland. It's pretty out of the way from the waterfront or arts district where most people would want to visit. By reading your profile, I'm thinking the kids are in that 9 - 12 y.o. range which opens up a lot of options. There's Duckfat for great Belgium fries and paninis. Portland Lobster Company has outdoor dining on a pier often with music and the kids can run around all they want. If it's real nice, I always recommend taking a 20 minute ferry ride to Peaks Island and eat at the Inn just off the boat. Great little ice cream shop after dinner while walking back to the ferry. Whatever you choose, even some of Portland's finest places are pretty casual so you'll have many options available.

      1. We just did Portland on a Friday night in the height of tourist Summer season with our 8 year old. I needed kid friendly, wanted local, away from the crowds and not very expensive. Based on Hounds recommendations, we had Maine beers at Great Lost Bear (including a microbrew root beer...coloring placemats provided entertainment) and then drove to South Portland to Dock's Seafood. I've heard it's owned by the Fisherman's Grill person but has more seating than FG. Sat outside on picnic tables. Far from the tourist crowd, friendly, simple---fresh---delicious lobster and lobster roll. 1 lobster, corn and slaw for under $10. It's BYOB...could only have been better with a bottle of Allagash White.