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Jun 15, 2012 07:16 PM

Help! My husband loves canned frosting!

I need help, fast. My husband's favorite dessert is Yellow Cake with Milk-Chocolate Frosting. For Father's Day, I said I'd make him whatever he wants, and he requested that for dessert.

I've made it for him in the past, all from scratch, and he's been kinda lukewarm about it. Finally, for a potluck, I made two cakes: one from scratch, and one from a cake mix and canned frosting. The frosting I made was an incredibly amazing one from Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen, whcih everyone fainted over. But he said he liked box-mix cake better -- AND the canned frosting better. I don't get it!

Nevertheless, this is what he prefers. He says it's what he grew up on, what he's used to, and in his mind, this is what yellow cake with milk choc frosting is supposed to taste like.

I'm willing to concede on the cake mix, as they really are pretty good, and can be doctored up fairly easily. But what can I do about that dang canned frosting? I don't like it, and I don't like to work with it either. I could try to sneak a homemade frosting past him, but I'm afraid he'll be unsatisfied with that...

So, does anyone know of a good homemade Milk Chocolate (not dark chocolate) Frosting recipe that is somewhat similar to canned? Or should I just cave in and use the canned stuff, because it's what HE likes (and after all, I am making it for him)? What do you think?

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  1. I say give him what he wants, canned frosting! Cheap, no effort, and guaranteed happiness. Personally, I wouldn't eat canned frosting. But who am I to suggest he is deprived of what he wants?

    1. Give him what he's about him, not you, even if only for one day!

      1. A third on giving him what he's requested. I find them too sweet, even though I have a sweet tooth. I have successfully added cream cheese to a canned buttercream frosting to cut the sweetness.

        1. I spent dozens and dozens of eggs (for their whites) trying to make an Angel Food Cake that would rise the way my Grandmother's did. This was for my about to be husband who told me his favorite cake was Angel Food Cake with that 'boiled frosting'. ( I had the 7 minute frosting down pat for years.)

          He didn't like my really light and fresh AFC; he finally admitted his mother always bought the several day old marked down AFC at the grocery and those were the kind he liked.

          He finally came around to mine because mine are higher and deliver more frosting.

          1. Oh give the guy what he wants! You have the rest of the year to win him over to the homemade side of baking :)

            something to die for like these beauties: