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Jun 15, 2012 06:53 PM

The food truck world: questions/ruminations

Food truck "pods" have found Oakland and set up shop on Tuesdays. Every time for the last month it seem to be Liba and Streatery. This has got me wondering how it works. I suppose I could ask them as well.

I realize there are lots of regulations, but is one of them that you have to be part of "off the grid"? I assume not (lawsuit waiting to happen if so), though imagine they assist with permiting, preferential treatment in siting, perhaps, etc.? And who gets to decide which trucks get to show up for which pod? Is there a bidding process? Or is it less formal than that (is it decided in a boxing ring)? lists like 50 trucks, so why does Liba turn up every time in Oakland? I assume they have community preferences, but that would be a bit weird, since it seems it would defeat the purpose of mobility, and of the variety that is something the trucks bring, in principle. Probably some literature on this out there.

I like Liba, but would like a bit more rotation. Moreover, given the prices some of them charge ($12 for a small often soggy sandwich --I think that was Streatery), unless there is more variety, I may just stick with brick and mortar (by which I do not mean to eat, of course --mmm).

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  1. i believe the food truck event in Oakland is not part of off the grid.

    1. many of the food trucks at the truck "pods" are from the oakland food truck coaltion that was lobbying the oakland city counci for the pod approval.. they are all based in oaktown.or nearby
      -five ten burger
      -go streatery
      -ebbet's good to go
      -doc's of the bay
      -seoul on wheels.
      note: the lead truck at the pods assume the full financial costs of the pods. other trucks participating share in the cost. OTG charges a set fee plus 5-10% of the gross per truck.

      1. Tuesday's Pod is sponsored / lead by Liba. There are other Pods on other days with other lead sponsors.

        More detail here on the new Oakland Pod structure here

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          Interesting. Thanks for the link. I guess I should have assumed there were other organizations besides OTG.