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Jun 15, 2012 06:15 PM

Tabella's Closed in a farm to table pizzeria?!

Something I've definitely got to try. Apparently they're expanding to a catering/farm dinner business and are now using the space for an upscale pizza and bar called Arise. Pizza menu looks decent, and they're still using some of my favorite cocktails and appetizers (chickpea fries FTW).

Will probably go next week and will give you a full report with photos!

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  1. I went to Arise last week and loved it.
    We shared the maple habanero wings with a creme fraiche dipping sauce. The wings marinade was absolutely some of the best I've ever had- perfectly sweet and hot.

    We then had 2 of the special pizzas of the day- a vegetarian pie with lemony olives, fresh mozzarella and a meat pie with house made fennel sausage. Both were delicious- thin, but not too thin crust and it's obvious they put a lot of care into the toppings.

    And yes, they still have their great cocktails and outdoor seating.
    I think they made a great change. I liked Tabella's but often felt like the portions didn't quite match the price point.

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      Maybe we'll try the wings, then! I still feel like $8.50 for chickpea fries is too expensive. :-(

      Those pies sound awesome. We're going tonight and will let you guys know what we think!

    2. My family is also looking forward to trying it.

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