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Jun 15, 2012 04:46 PM

Where to Buy Organic Chicken Breasts at Good Price

Does anyone know a good place to buy organic chicken breasts at a good price? I've been buying them at Whole Foods, which is very pricey (as Whole Foods usually is) and thought there might be somewhere else slightly cheaper.

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  1. I've seen organic whole chickens, breasts and I think thighs as well at Costco.

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      Costco does sell Coastal Organics whole chickens, breasts and thighs.

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        $2.50/lb for whole birds, $4/lb for skinless boneless thighs and $6/lb for skinless boneless breasts.

      2. Trader Joes is selling a pack with drum sticks and Chicken Breasts that is very well priced! And some nights call for a little drum stick action... ;)

        1. The larger WF stores have larger size packs at a reduced rate. Whole chicken quality is much better at WF than the ones at TJs but it has been awhile since I've bought boneless skinless anything. We almost always buy whole chickens.

          Some of the poultry vendors at farmer's markets sell them to.

          1. $7.99 a pound a good price? If so, Ralph's and Sprout's carry Rocky's organic breasts and I find them the tastiest of the bunch.