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Jun 15, 2012 04:05 PM

Birthday Dinner in Chelsea or Nearby

Next Friday evening I will be taking my brother to the Irish Repertory Theater on 22 St. between 6 and 7 Aves.
Am hoping for suggestons for a birthday dinner before.
Someplace with really good food and a fun or interesting atmosphere, something special.
The only avoid would be a steakhouse.
Some examples of restaurants he has liked are Babbo, Buddakan, and Public.
Thanks for all ideas.

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  1. My favorite place in Chelsea is Txikito. It's a Basque-style tapas bar with excellent food and wine and a convivial, perhaps slightly loud atmosphere. Given the other places he liked, I think the atmosphere would probably be fine.

    1. Ciano is east of the theater, on 22nd, b/t B'way and Park Av. S. While all the food we've had there has been excellent, the chicken for two baked in a clay pot is a stand-out..


      1. Txikito and Ciano are both good recommendations. I've only been to Ciano for their prix fixe lunch though so hard to get too detailed on them or the atmosphere for a dinner. Txikito though has great food and would fit the bill.

        1. Very nice suggestions. Thanks to all.
          Would be happy for others as well.

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            I live in Chelsea which is generally a pretty sad food destination. However, there are a few good ones. If the above options don't work, perhaps Morimoto fits the bill. (i personally have not tried Ciano and had a bad experience at Txikito last year, but people seem to love it, so...)

            Also, Foragers City just opened and it looks absolutely lovely. I have only tried their market which was wonderful, but you may want to try to find their menu online and see what you think. I'm hearing good things.

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              Just wanted to update the thread here-
              We picked up some prepared dishes from Foragers to supplement our own for thanksgiving and had a great quinoa salad, creamed kale, and really silky rich sweet potato puree. All the dishes exceeded our expectations for prepared take away, and was the perfect solve to an additional four last minute guests.

          2. I have a reservation at Ciano. Sounds really good. I wil also call Foragers City. The location of either would be easy for the evenin
            I am happy to know about all of these places for now and the future.
            At Ciano, if my brother does not want to share the clay pot chicken, what main is good to order?
            And if he's not into sharing the veal meatballs and scallops apoetizers, which should I choose for myself?
            Dessert recommendations or other tips on ordering and seating requests?
            Thanks so much to rgr and everyone.

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              We haven't been to Ciano recently, so I can't speak personally about any of the current mains (other than the chicken). However, I have had lamb there, which was delicious. And Mr. R. has had fish, also excellent. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the mains. And that goes for the pastas as well. So, choose what appeals to *you* most.

              Definitely get the meatballs! A Chef Galante signature.

              Re: Dessert. "Tiramisu" seems to remain on the menu. I like it. Different from the usual preparation in that it's "semifreddo."

              There are no bad seats in the dining room. There's banquette seating all along the right side of the room, smaller banquettes on either side of the hearth on the left side, and free-standing tables in the middle of We've sat in all areas.

              Photo of Ciano's dining room taken from corner table, back banquette:

              Happy Birthday to your brother! I hope you both enjoy Ciano and the show.