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Jun 15, 2012 04:04 PM

Waroeng JAJANA, Edmonds

just returned from this new Indonesian grocery and deli. it is located at 22315 Hwy 99 in Edmonds.
i think the young man told me they opened on the 11th.
very helpful when I told him I knew nothing about Indonesian food.
i brought home some items from the deli case: Nasi Ayam Bakar Pedes, some sticky rice wrapped in banana (?) leaf, a fried meat pie and "famous" indonesian crackers. that looks peanut brittley, but not as thick or sweet. has a nice savory flavor.
what else should i try?

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  1. Is that in the little strip mall just north of 99Ranch? I've bought some things from the Indonesian Malay section at 99 (e.g. sweet soy sauce, shrimp paste).

    I see from your profile that you wish you could find 'tempura soba'. Are you familiar with Matsu Sushi on 44?
    They list Tenzaru Soba on their lunch menu

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    1. re: paulj

      yes paul, it is in the strip mall along with Tapioca Express and Wonton Noodle House..
      he has a small deli case of prepared plates.

      ahhh. tempura soba. i meant the hot soup, not the cold zaru soba.
      can't seem to find a hot bowl of soba in broth topped with tempura shrimp.

      1. re: ritabwh

        Speaking delis, have you tried the Vietnamese one next to Boohon on the other side of 99? I've browsed there, but not close enough to meal time to order anything.

        1. re: paulj

          oh yah! i am partial to their special bahn mi. their steam plate food looks good. lots of people taking out food from there. i've tried their stuffed bitter melon, and i liked it, but i don't know much about bitter melon. actually i don't know much at all, about vietnamese food, just the normal stuff like pho, bahn xeo, bun, etc. etc.

          they have a real nice cold pate, but i'm not sold on their pate chaud. great flan. and if there's any left by the time i get there, i pick up a french roll or two to schmear pate on. if you didn;t notice, it is cash only.