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Jun 15, 2012 03:15 PM

bouillabaisse in nice

Looking for great bouillabaisse in Nice.
Would welcome any suggestions as we are in Nice for the week.

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  1. There have been several threads on this. For the best, drive or take the train to Golfe Juan and go to T├ętou.

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    1. re: beaulieu

      Thanks! but I am looking for Nice, not the surrounding areas.

      1. re: alanhros

        Bouillabaisse is NOT a nicois dish. It is from Marseille and the surrounding area. Therefore, there is no "best", nor "great" bouillabaisse in this area. You would do better with a good Soupe de Poissons, or some Nicois cuisine.

        Les Viviers is one of the best restaurants in Nice for seafood.

        1. re: lemarais

          Bouillabaisse is indeed not from Nice but there is still good Bouillabaisse in Nice, since I had some last night. Thanks for the Les Viviers suggestion, I will check it out if I have time.

      2. re: beaulieu

        I'm sure the bouillabaisse is good here, and the location overlooking the sea and the easy parking are all very appealing - but how about 160 euros per person for the experience - and this is the version w/o lobster..for that 200 euros pp.

      3. Several years back we had a wonderful meal including Bouillabaisse at L'Ane Rouge on the port in Nice. I just checked and they still have Bouillabaisse on the menu but it must be ordered in advance. Here is their web site

        1. Alanhros: Could you kindly share on this board where you had bouillabaisse in Nice? Thank you.