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Jun 15, 2012 02:38 PM

Two new things in Roslindale

First, it looks like Sugar is trying it's hand at dinner again, my neighbor, a young college girl who my son and I befriended when she worked there last year on Saturday mornings (she loved to see my son enjoying cookies on the bench they have along the wall) waved me down to grab a menu, and it looks much better than their last attempt (poutine fail, you do not make them with this mornings leftover home fries!!!), so hope to give it a try and report back.

Second, the space that was Robyn's (and the Crappy *ahem* I mean Happy Hour before that) has a new paintjob and a new sign, 'Natty Duncan's; or some such Irish sounding thing....hopefully they go the upscale gastro-pub route, like Townsends (is that the name? You know, in Hyde Park).

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  1. Went to Sugar last night and had an enjoyable experience. Although it was not overly crowded, I still considered the service very good. Husband had the burger, which is their own blend of chuck, short ribs and bacon. I had the asparagus salad- asparagus perfectly steamed and the vegetable risotto which was delicious. My only complaint and is it hardly a complaint, is that the risotto could have been a little warmer. Ended the night by going to the bakery area and getting coffee, tea and brambles to go so that we could walk off our meals. We will definitely return.

    1. The owner of Napper Tandy's in Norwood/Walpole has purchased Robyn's. Can't speak for the food.

      1. Went to dinner at Sugar in Roslindale tonight. They've began serving dinner on Thursday. Four of us had 5 starters, two entrees, 4 glasses of wine and dessert. Bill came to $140 and was well worth it. I had a chilled corn chowder that was sweet and smooth perfection. Also, a decent vegetable risotto appetizer which was near entree size. Others had, cod cakes, grilled shrimp. salmon (with cabbage) and halibut. Everything was delicious. We enjoyed the large basket of freshly baked bread served with olive tapenade which was refilled free of charge. Dessert was rhubarb spring rolls with berries and whipped cream. Good pours of wine. One can see they are trying hard to please, and I think they will.