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Jun 15, 2012 02:33 PM

Looking for good, cheap Chinese restaurant in Chinatown...

Looking for good, cheap Chinese restaurant in Chinatown... we want to take out a few non-Asian coworkers to taste some of the typical Chinese cuisines.... maybe a typical 8 or 9 course meal that they serve in Chinese weddings??? Any recommendations???

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    1. My favorites are E-Pan and Lee Garden. Taste of China is on my to-try list. Emphasis on good not cheap,,,but Chinese food in the downtown Chinatown is relatively inexpensive. All at the Spadina/Dundas area Chinatown. More expensive options exist away from the Chinatowns like Dynasty in Yorkville and the Crown Princess, up to Lai Wah Heen as the probable most expensive.

      1. House of Gourmet is pretty good too.....always packed ,you will see a lot of asian faces,which is a good sign...

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          +1. It's a good starting ground anyway. AND CHEAP ...

        2. I think you have to decide on cheap vs Chinese wedding-style. I'm not sure you will find both. I agree with Charles about Swatow - tasty cheap noodle bowls, noodle dishes, and some other treats. It's a Chinese greasy spoon. Another cheap place of a different style is Chinese Traditional Buns.

          I really like Lee Garden (have been going 30+ years) for unadventurous but reliably tasty Cantonese style cooking. It is more expensive than Swatow, but still well below the price range of Lai Wah Heen. It is the place I take Chinese food neophytes as it is not too challenging but still very enjoyable. The deep fried cuttlefish is my favourite fried squid dish anywhere.

          Still haven't tried Taste of China.

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            i think the op was looking for a place that would serve a decent "typical 8 or 9 course meal that they serve in Chinese weddings?" therefore, i do not think that swatow will fit that bill.
            Maybe Dim sum king on dundas? i'm not sure how their dinner quality is though.

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              Cheap food is not served at Chinese weddings.

          2. Do you read Chinese? If yes, ask for the "he cai," "wore choi" menu (read: set menu) at Noble Seafood Chinese Restaurant on Dundas, west of Spadina. They've got some good wok power, some good dishes .. and they serve house soup and house dessert for free!

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              Yes I'm looking for a place with a 6, 8 or 9 course set menu like the ones they have at Chinese weddings. We have around 8-10 people and usually those cost what, $250-$300 per table right? I think $30/person max is the budget.

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                Looking for peking duck (2-course) as well!!!

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                  Many of the Board's Chinatown favourites (Lee Garden, Swatow, Taste of China, Noble, New Sky, E Pan, Rol San, etc) offer various multi-course set menus in the $25-$30/person range.

                  I did a quick search, and it appears E Pan serves 2 course Peking Duck for $32.95. Haven't tried it.

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                  You can make your own multi-course meal from a big list of dishes from each of House of Gourmet or Noble House's Chinese set menu.. We've also tried New Ho King -- they also have a multi course menu!