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Jun 15, 2012 12:41 PM

Need beer advice for pig roast

Moving from NC to Boston and having a big leaving town party. We are roasting a pig and I want to get a keg. I was really hoping to get a keg of Fullsteam but they aren't selling kegs to the public right now. I would like to get a beer that pairs well with pork and one that ,any will be able to enjoy. Bonuses are if they are north Carolinian or bostionian. Love to hear suggestions.

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  1. I get 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.. Number 3 Washtubs...Ice down several different kinds of domestic and off with a hand full or two of ice cream salt.


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    1. re: Uncle Bob

      I agree. Focus on making a good pig. Most peoples favorite beer is Budweiser or FREE. Damn Chowhound needs a "like" button.

      1. re: JB BANNISTER

        "Most people's favorite beer is Budweiser or FREE"


      2. re: Uncle Bob

        What a great idea! You might want to include a few 'Sam Adams' (for whitch I don't personally care) for diehards, and Schlitz for old southerners (like me) but most won't care as long as the beer is free and cold, and the pig is good!

        BTW, may I attend? If not; Uncle Bob, may I come to your house?

        1. re: billray68

          For time we BBQ goat over in the pasture ~~~ One year, long time ago, we over did it on the Ice cream salt....the wash tubs had a thick coat of frost on the outside....the beer was freezing....Had to take a can out of the tub and place it near the pit to thaw a little.....So ya had two beers going at in your hand, and the other "cooking" Ha!! ~~ Good times and very cold beer...

          PS Schlitz was definitely in the mix big time back then.........

      3. Between the warm weather and the heaviness of the pork, I think you need a lighter beer, like a pilsner or kolsch. Not sure where you are in NC, but Front Street Brewery in Wilmington makes an excellent Summer Kolsch. Terrapin Rye Pale Ale would also be good. Or Red Oak Brewery's Humminbird.

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        1. re: carolinadawg

          We now have over 60 breweries in NC. Pick one that is near you and support your local brewery.

            1. re: carolinadawg

              I can tell that you do, dawg, but the OP obviously is looking for something other than BMC, otherwise why post here. I would bet that just about every one of the NC breweries has a brew in its lineup that would have broad appeal. You made a few great suggestions. If the OP wants to clarify his locale, we could pinpoint other ideas, if necessary.

              1. re: brentk

                I really appreciate everyone's comments. A few quick thoughts.
                1. We are focusing on the pork. I agree it should be the star. If anyone has favorite recipes for a rub or seasoning, I am open.
                2. I want to please my guests, but don't really care if they would prefer bud... I am buying they can broaden their horizon a bit... and it is going to be free.
                3. I want to support local breweries. I actually believe there is 61 breweries now in NC. I am very familar with MANY of them and frequent brewpubs and local beer festivals. If I had my druthers I would have wedge (which didn't have a keg available and even if they I won't have time this week to make it to asheville) and Fullsteam (but they currently are not selling kegs to the general public). I was looking for first a formost a pairing with pork (similar to pinot noir goes fantastic with pork) and secondly a beer that would be broadly enjoyed. (FYI I am currently located in Winston Salem).
                I thought a keg was the way to go... but I think I am sold on the suggest to get 3-5 types of beer and ice it down. And Schlitz is a great idea for a good cheap beer that many will enjoy. I will likely grab some Sam and Harpoon and see what I can get in bottle from NC (either at city bev or total wine).

                1. re: cruxNC

                  I loved the beers at Lexington Avenue Brewery in Asheville but not sure where their distribution area is exactly. I might throw in an IPA of some kind. I think the hops might be good with the fatty meat. This sounds like a blast. Have fun!

                  1. re: cruxNC

                    How are you roasting it it? La Caja China, spit roast, Southern Smoked or in the ground?

                    1. re: cruxNC

                      I don't buy kegs so I am not sure exactly what is available but Foothill's makes some terrific beers and is your local. Carolina Blonde or Salem Gold would have broad appeal, though I would prefer Torch Pilsner. Hoppyum or, if it is available, Jade IPA, would be great choices but may be a bit too hoppy for some.

                      If you go the bottle route, however, I would eliminate Foothills from consideration as they don't bottle in 12 oz sizes, except for Carolina Blonde and Cottonwood Endo IPA. A good choice from Greensboro in bottles would be Natty Greene's Buckshot Amber, as the malty flavors of that beer would pair nicely with the pork. Another maltier style brew that is available in 12 oz bottles is Sweet Josie from Lonerider in Raleigh.

                      My personal preference is for the hoppier styles as I think the bitterness of the hops would cut the smokier pork flavors nicely though I recognize the limited appeal the IPAs may have - some of your guests will love them and others may not. For that reason, I suggested some maltier alternatives. For mass appeal, however, I would go with the Blonde, Gold or Pilsner.

                      1. re: cruxNC

                        I don't think they make it over to Winston-Salem but Shiva IPA from Asheville Pizza and Brewing Co comes in cans and would go well with the fatty pork.

              2. Sounds like a great party- as long as your pig is good, & you don't run out of beer too early, you're good to go...I'd pick up whatever local beer you can get, Yuengling is a good inexpensive beer from PA (halfway between NC & Boston) to stretch things out, good luck on the party & the move!

                1. In my opinion,it would be disrespectful to the pig to not offer something better than Bud or Schlitz. I'm not too familiar with NC breweries, but I enjoy a hoppy amber ale with pork. They often have a little caramel sweetness that reflects the sweetness in the meat, but enough hoppiness to still be refreshing. Stone Levitation, Green Flash Hop Head Red, and Port Sharkbite Red are good examples from my neck of the woods, hopefully there's some similar brews near you.

                  1. When I think of roasted pork I see malty rich beers like bock or oktoberfest (marzen) going well.