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Jun 15, 2012 12:30 PM

Where to dine in Seaside?

Going to the shore this weekend. It's been while since we have dined in Seaside. Any recs for a decent dinner in the area? (And before anyone asks "why Seaside?" my husband's family has a beach house there that we have free access to use whenever we want).


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  1. There is no good dining "in Seaside" however at there is in Seaside Park. If you travel to the end of the island there is The Atlantic Grill.....great place solid reputation and great jersey shore dining with a great view of the ocean. Go early because there will be a wait.....not sure if they accept reservations.

    FYI one tip there was a thread on here recently about a certain fish they serve here that is very oily and can have "severe" side affects for some people who eat it. I forget the name of the fish but do a search I'm sure you'll find the thread.

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      Escolar is the fish that can cause serious issues.

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          Well, I am allergic to fish so no worries about me eating Escolar or any other fish. Thanks for the heads up though.

          Also, we don't mind traveling some, but would like it to be less than a half hour.

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            Serenity Cafe is a few minutes west over the Rt 37 bridge in Toms River and has excellent food. I'd go there over Atlantic Bar and Grill every time.

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              just opened its right before the bridge going to seaside. ...

    2. Down on the southern end of the island, we like Labrador Lounge. It's easy, funky, and pretty cool - in addition to serving good chow at a fair price.

      In Point Pleasant there are several decent choice. Search google "chowhound point pleasant" and whatever kind of food you might be interested in. Otherwise, search this board for "point pleasant," which is probably less effective.

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        If you into Thai food right off rt 37 on Fisher blvd not far from the Seaside bridge is Siam Spice which we always enjoy...

      2. Probably too late for this weekend, but I'd vote for picking up food at Joe Leone's and hanging at home!!

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          I agree- just got back from a long weekend in PPB. We had 2-lb lobsters from Point Seafood on enight. The next night we tried the broiled seafood - floubder, crabcake, shrimp and scallops - yum. Pass on the mussels - most were empty and others were tiny. Joe Leone's never fails to disappoint.. picked up a loaf of bread, fontina cheese and provolone cheese - the best. Also trird the broccoli rabe provolone stuffed bread- actually more like a broccoli rable pie than bread - stuffed with flavor and not too bready or cheesy.

        2. Just ate at Yolanda's in ocean gate, by Toms River. Great food, right from not typical house salad, bruschetta, scallops and risotto to the mango sorbet. Great service in a renovated place with new ownership. 3 adults, with drinks, and 3children for $105.

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            I recently dined at Yolanda's in Ocean Gate. I had an absolutely marvelous seafood crepe. I totally enjoyed it. The bread basket was artisan breads delivered daily from Brooklyn. The different types of bread were verry tasty.
            However, my sister in Law ordered a steak. She ordered it medium rare. It came to the table very well done. She is timid and did not want to send it back. As she tried to eat it, the steak was very tough and full of grissle. We called over the waitress, she took the steak back and said she would speak to the manager. She came back and said the manager would only allow her to take $5.00 of the bill. (My sister in law had only three pieces of the steak, which were inedible. She did eat her vegatables). I was willing to argue this, but my sister in law didn't want to make a scene. I was appalled that the manager would not comp the steak.
            Our server was wonderful, very attentive without being intrusive. The other wait staff hung at tables telling the diners their life history. I don't object to a waitress being friendly, but the amount of time spent on unloading their baggage to the diners was bad business practice, in my mind. This was not just one server, I overheard at least three life stories.
            I may return to give them a second chance, but if the same practices are taking place, I will not return.