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Jun 15, 2012 12:19 PM

Last minute dinner under $140/pp in Vegas

My wife and I will be in Las Vegas tonight and tomorrow. This was kind of a last minute decision and therefore I didn't get a chance to book my favorite restaurants early. I really wanted to try Sage and Gordon Ramsay's steak, but both of them had availability either too early or too late for us. I went ahead and grabbed a table at Michael Mina in Bellagio, but was wondering if this group has any other suggestions that are more unique to Vegas and better value for the Michael Mina price point. I travel to San Francisco for work often and will have many opportunities to eat at the Michael Mina restaurant there, so not really very excited about the one in Bellagio.

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    1. Depends on your focus. If you are looking for a place with a view there are several good options: Eiffel Tower at Paris, Alize at the Palms, Stratosphere Top of the World. All are well within your price point. If you are interested in a steak house you might consider Carnevino.

      A little more detail on your preferences would probably get you the responses you are looking for.

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        Thanks Philber. I am ok with any kind of cuisine, but wife is less of a meat eater and more into healthy, vegeterian, vegan stuff. A steakhouse with good seafood option will work as well. What won't work is any Asian cuisine or Italian. I know that doesn't leave much, but French, Spanish, American are all good options

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          Sitting at the airport about to leave las vegas after a wonderful vacation. Ate some great food as always but had a terrific meal at Comme Ca monday night. I cannot recommend this place with any more enthusiasm. Everything from the charcuterie and french onion soup to my wife's lobster thermidor, which she categorized as her favorite lobster dish ever, and the berkshire pork trio with mustard seed jus was perfect. Please give this wonderful restaurant a chance. We're glad we did.

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            2nd on Comme Ca. Wonderful. Just don't order the boef bourgignon.

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            If your wife prefers vegan then the Wynn may be a good option. They have (or had) vegan menus at all of their restaurants. Lots of different types of cuisine and the restaurants have consistently good reviews. The price point may be close on some....