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Good caterer in Berkley/Albany or Rockridge: Hosting a baby shower

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Hello All ,

I intend to host a baby shower for my sister in October and expect about 30 people.

I am trying to find a godo catering company and i have a budget of about $15 per person for food.

Any suggestions would be great!

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    1. re: wolfe

      As it happens, I'm also in need of a new caterer, and this looks interesting to me. Which dishes off the menu would you recommend? How many dishes will satisfy 30 people?

      1. re: dunstable

        It was a simple luncheon with small sandwiches, fruits, veggies and salads for 50 which cost about $500 and was was enough except for the couscous which in the size my wife ordered was too much

        1. re: wolfe

          Thanks for the tip. In fact, I am about to place the order right now...

    2. Zaki Kabob House in Albany, if you like Middle Eastern.


      1. I've used Ann's Catering several times since this thread, and I have to say that everyone has been quite pleased with them. They get recognition from me here; everyone looks forward to the food when we order Ann's.

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        1. Friends of mine have hired and are loving the cooking of another friend who's a private chef, Linda Carucci 510-482-6462.

          She's a decorated Bay Area cooking teacher and chef and cookbook author and happy to do catering jobs, when she has an opening in her calendar.