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Jun 15, 2012 11:57 AM

Bill is not itemized

Dh and I recently discovered a really great pizza joint about 30 minute drive from home. We've been a few times now and really, it is worth the drive (and we have a lot of pizza places nearby).

The thing is - they give the bill and it just has the total hand-written on it. Not only does it not itemize out the food and drinks, but it doesn't itemize out the tax, either. More times than I can count in the past, we've had situations where we were not correctly charged for items. Twice in the last few years, we were given another table's bill altogether.

This last time, I asked if we could get an itemized bill and the server said that the establishment doesn't do that, but that she could get a menu for me so I could do the math myself. I passed on that.

It's not something that is going to keep us from going there. More of a bother, really. But I realized that this is quite literally the only place where I can recall EVER dining and not receiving some sort of itemized bill. Weird. Dh really dislikes not seeing the details, and it bothers me somewhat, but not enough to make a deal out of it or stop eating their delicious pies. What would you do in this situation?

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  1. I'd at least make a mental note of the prices for the items I ordered, and make sure the bill came close to matching that amount.

    1. If it bothers them then why not tally the items before placing your order or ask for a menu when the bill came as was offered to you.

      OTOH, if it's just a pizza place I can't imagine your're ordering all that many different items so it shouldn't be hard for the waitstaff to scribble down the individual prices. It is odd.

      1. A bit off subject..but it would annoy me if my sever told me that " I could do the math'...
        Maybe im crabby

        1. This place will have a HUGE issue with the state's taxation department. Since they are unable to provide to you an itemized accounting, they are also unable to provide an accounting and proof that the correct state sales tax was applied and reported to the state.

          And are you also saying that you are just handed a slip of paper with a dollar amount and there is no mention of the food ordered? Or is it the ticket, with just a sum total for the amount?
          In either case they have tax issues, so that will catch up with them. With states dying for budget money, things that were lax or slipped by before are now getting the crack down. Un or under-paid sales tax is one area they are working pretty heavy these days.
          What you do depends on how well you like the food. But, for me, someone who is running this scam, at least sales tax-wise, is also scamming me every once in a while.

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            If they're collecting "tax" and not submitting then they are scamming her every time.

          2. That seems very fishy. Are they in a tourist-heavy location by any chance? Sounds like a classic clip joint tactic.