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Best places to buy cases of good wine cheap?

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This is essentially a repost of a 2007 thread, which is pretty much the exact situation I find myself in, many years later.

I'm posting this in "Boston" and not in "Wine" because it's more about where people buy wine in the Boston area.

I'm shopping for red wine for a wedding (we're all set on white) - will need to buy a few cases. Where do people shop when they need to buy in quantity and want both a good wine and a good deal?

I'd like to spend under $9 bottle. Costco, Trader Joe's, Wine and Cheese Cask in Somerville come to mind, as well as the wine shop next to the Fresh Pond Whole Foods - we've also heard good things about Gary's in Newton. If you go to any of these stores, are there any reds they're currently stocking that are in our price range that you'd recommend (we're having Korean food - short ribs, etc.)

We'd like to avoid driving farther afield to NH, etc., unless there's a REALLY good deal on a particular wine to be had. We are leaning more towards Zinfandel/Primitivo, Tempranillo, or Petit Syrah, but really are open to anything - blends, etc.

Specific stores, with a specific wine in mind, would be most appreciated, as we aren't big into reds, so we hardly know where to begin!

Thank you!

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  1. Martignetti's has knowledgeable sales staff, a wide selection and a case discount that can run into serious savings. It's at least your best starting point.

    1. I like Bin Ends on Wood Rd in Braintree. They have a website if you want to check it out. Essentially, they purchase wines when the bins run low, or overstocked I guess. The staff is quite knowledgeable and I have been very happy with my purchases both in quality and price.

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        I second Bin Ends. They have a great selection and they are very helpful. They also have the best selection of unusual liquor and craft beers that I've seen in the area. I just had a great lavender and coriander lager beer with dinner last night that I got there.

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          I will third Bin Ends. John and the staff there have never steered me wrong and we've gotten some fabulous reds that were reasonably priced. I'm not sure about the $9 limit, but i'm sure they could easily keep it under $12 a bottle.

        2. On Route 9 East right on the Natick/Wellesley line there is a place called Nine East Wine Emporium that advertises on its window discounts when you purchase multiple cases. Might be worth a call to see what the deal is.

          1. Hingham Wine Merchant in Hingham is a fantastic resource.

            1. There's a wine store in West Concord, before the train tracks on the left if you are coming from Rt 2. I have often gone in, said give me a couple cases with a $10/bottle limit, and let the staff pick out the wines. We have always enjoyed their selections.

              1. I really like Wine and Cheese Cask. Give them a call to see if they have one of their quarterly sales before your wedding -- 20% off the list price of any 12 bottle box. Their Chiean Montes Cabernet Sauvignon is very drinkable and at, if I recall correctly, $10/bottle would meet your budget. I have found their staff to be unfailingly helpful and nice and willing to help provide good guidance whatever one's price point is. Oh, and congratulations!

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                  i second the Wine Cask for all the same reasons.

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                    I also would recommend Wine and Cheese Cask. They will be able to find you a crowd pleasing red for $9. I have had good luck at Atlas in Medford as well. They currently have a Spanish red, Atalaya Almansa, for about $10 that may fit the bill. I would call to make sure that the wine manager is there before heading over. Best wishes!

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                      I've used the Cask for this sort of thing in the past. Their specific recommendations would be just as solid as those from strangers on the Internet. Pretty much all shops have case discounts.

                2. Thank you all for the great suggestions (and the well wishes!). This is helpful and much appreciated!

                  1. The vinetard in North Andover will give you a 15% discount on a mixed case, I believe Andover Liquors will do the same. They both have a great and different selection

                    1. Check out the Spirited Gourmet in Belmont. Their weekly e-newsletter always has a case of this or that wine they're enthusiastic about on sale. Staff in store is knowledgeable and eager to please. Good place to go for personal attention. It's become my go-to store for interesting under-$15 wines, including some very nice ones for under $10.

                      1. I've always had good luck with the people at Gordon's in Waltham. The website will give you some ideas.


                        1. The Gary's I'm aware of is on West Roxbury Parkway but close to Chestnut Hill- perhaps the one you mentioned as being in Newton. Whatever. We finally went to Gary's last winter after hearing about it for years but being happy customers at Trader Joe's for wine and Marty's for the Christmas bottles. We were shocked at the really good selection of inexpensive wines and the prices! You have to check it out - based on your price point it is better than any chain I have been in and I imagine there is an online circular out there.

                            1. I'm no wine connoisseur, and therefore cannot be snobbish about it. Per doctor's order (yeah, right), I have replaced beer with wine for my meals at home. I came across this book in the library, and found it easy to read and very educational.


                              One highlight this review did not mention was the book's recommendation of many boxed wines, which would be perfect for my daily consumption. To keep this thread here on the Boston forum, my question is where can I find wide selections of boxed wines locally?

                              1. Curtis Liquors in Weymouth specializes in good, interesting, inexpensive wine. They have a huge tasting each year devoted to wines in the $10 range.

                                1. Can't beat the prices, cash only, at The Bottle Shop in Ipswich.

                                  1. I know others will crindge but I recommend "Two Buck Chuck" Charles Shaw Wines from Trader Joes. They make a nice Merlot or Shiraz. When I had a large party for my daughters wedding we served all TB Chuck wines (about 8 cases) and received rave reviews from everyone. It is literally 2.99 a bottle...

                                    Another option is to contact Gordon's Liquors and they will deliver enough for your party and you only pay for what you cracked open...

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                                      Some boxed wines, when on sale, can end up even cheaper than "Two Buck Chuck" by the bottle.

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                                        Sorry but I am indeed cringing @ 2.99 a bottle 2 buck (up)chuck is overpriced

                                      2. For interesting, off the beaten path value wines I go to Winestone on Rte. 9 in Chesnut Hill, across from Starbucks on the corner of Rte. 9 and Hammond St. He does a case discount - I think it's 20% and more importantly has a lot of great wines priced around $10 or $11 so you could find some great stuff for a decent price. It's where I get all of my every day wines.

                                        Gary's selection is lacking - all mass produced wines from large distributors.

                                        1. Kappy's in Medford gives discounts on cases, but I can't remember if it's 10% or 20%.

                                          1. You might call the Wine Gallery (ask for John) in Brookline. They've turned me onto dozens of delicious bottles, many in the $10 to $12 range. I remember getting an insanely drinkable malbec there for months for around $8 a bottle.

                                            They also have a knack for finding interesting wines from underrepresented regions, ie. Eastern Europe (owner is from that neck of the world.) I was initially skeptical, but after them picking out nearly 8 out 10 bottles I rather enjoyed, can't say enough about this little gem near Brookline Village.