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Jun 15, 2012 10:31 AM

Santa Barbara Casual

Going to S B for a few days for my daughter's graduation from UCSB. We are covered for our nice dinner but looking for a less expensive, casual dinner. I am familiar with Brophy's and S B Shellfish. Any other ideas - Italian, seafood, American... Thanks!

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  1. Crocodile covers all bases and is very well priced for the quality -don't be put off by the setting - part of a motel, because it is a sleeper of a local spot we often enjoy.

    Brummi's is great for casual, well-priced German - they do things really well there and one does not run into German that much out west - has much to recommend for it self.

    Very casual is Mac's Fish and Chips on State Street with other selections as well.

    I like Sushi-Teri which you can find in many locations around town and they have well-priced combos of California Roll with some form of teriyaki meat or fish with salad and rice around $10..

    Via Maestra 42 serves Italian lunch and dinner -casual and select carefully to keep the prices down but well worth it.

    Giovanni's pizza on Upper State - very casual.