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Jun 15, 2012 09:41 AM

Making fried chicken for dinner - ideas for healthy sides?

I'm making our favourite "deviled fried chicken" for dinner and am planning on a salad of mixed greens to go with it. I'm also trying to think of another side dish that isn't fat or carb-laden. Hopefully something fairly simple I can make ahead of time or put together as I tend to the frying chicken.
Any ideas?!!?!

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  1. Fresh corn on the cob. Just boil for about 5 minutes.

    Had some a couple days ago and it was pretty good. The corn was available at the local supermarket, I know know where the ears are coming from, just seems a little early for fresh corn.

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    1. re: dave_c

      Unfortunately, it's to early in the season for fresh corn where I am (Ontario). Ours won't be ready until early August, and the imported stuff just isn't good enough. (Will of course keep the suggestion in mind in August!!)

      1. re: hungryjoanne

        In the US, besides corn on the cob, other common (for me must have) is either a potato salad, macaroni salad or cole slaw. However, those may not meet your low fat or low carb criteria.

        Dishes that may work is a three-bean salad, vinaigrette-based (or pesto based) pasta salad, tabbouleh, pickled carrots/beets or a vinegary cole slaw. I'm thinking that something vinegary based will help "cut" the fat in the fried chicken.

    2. Broiled tomatoes. Parmessan cheese basil parsley and garlic stuffed in tomato halves.
      Sauted zucchini and cherry tomatoes with garlic
      Sesame Asian style green beans
      Peas and pearl onions
      Southwestern corn,red peppers, onions and black beans with garlic cumin and chili powder

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      1. re: suzigirl

        Great suggestions! For the green beans, would it work if I tossed them in tamari & sesame oil, then let them cool, sprinkle with sesame seeds & scallions, then serve as a salad?
        Getting hungry already....

        1. re: hungryjoanne

          That sounds perfect. Maybe a smidge of fresh ginger. Just because I love ginger.if you think about it, yu could also serve the SW corn as a cold salad too. Also

          Bacon and broccoli salad with cheddar and ranch
          Smothered green beans. Yummy
          Beet and onion salad
          Veggie kabobs
          Roasted summer veggies
          Stuffed mushrooms

          1. re: suzigirl

            I'd side with a new potato, beet and greek yogurt salad, tangy slaw, or lightly cooked veggies with a drizzle of tahini sauce. I also live in Ontario and while we wait for sweet corn to peak, we focus on zucchini, golden squash, eggplant and mushrooms for grilling, and enjoy lots of green salads of all kinds. We try never to rush corn season. It's so disappointing opening a fat ear of corn and finding tiny, white tasteless kernels.

      2. Collard greens
        Buttered cabbage
        Creamed spinach
        Stuffed artichokes
        Asparagus and hollandaise
        Kidney bean salad
        Orange angd ginger glazed carrots

        Okay, I'm done for now

        1. How about creamed spinach or coleslaw (with a vinegar based dressing instead of mayo based)? Fried chicken + coleslaw = true love, IMO.