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Jun 15, 2012 09:39 AM

Dartmouth, MA Bar for Saturday [moved from Boston]

I have a soccer tournament I am playing in tomorrow in Dartmouth at the Dartmouth Regional Parks and Trails Sports Complex. A couple of the teams wanted to get together afterwards for a few drinks and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations in the area.

Keep in mind we will be pretty "funky" and dirty from playing all day so some place VERY casual would be appreciated. If they have decent food as well that is a major plus!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Dartmouth is a lot more suburban than New Bedford (Not Your Average Joe's and 5 Guys are there). If your group is willing to make the trip there, you'll find more options. I think you can find some bar bars (and "entertainment") on Rt 6 (State Road), but I think the fields you mentioned are closer to New Bedford's North End. There are sports, dive bars, and Portuguese "cafes" there. If your regular Portuguese bar fare is fine, I might suggest Cafe Mimo for your group. Madeira Cafe would be a decent option, but they are on vacation. For somewhat better food I believe you can order/bring-in food from Churrascaria Aveirense at Dina's Cafe. Just not certain about drink's. Aveirense itself is informal and depending on your timing, would also be fine for a group, but its not a bar (and they did neaten it up a bit recently too). But if you search you can find a sports or Irish bar, just not certain the names -- Belleville and Coggshall has one, some other options on Acushnet too as well as some central american restaurants in the area and so on. Be careful in general leaving things in cars where people can see them, that is one possible advantage for your group in Dartmouth and I'd suggest having a destination before heading there.

    For a better selection of beer or nicer bars, downtown NB would be better. There is the Pour Farm Tavern and the folks from Cafe Funchal took over the Roasted Pig, but these aren't as casual. (M&C's I am also omitting above because it went a lot more fancy after renovating.)

    Update: Just noticed that New Bedford publishes a guide to Acushnet/The North End, so this might be helpful.

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      Thanks for the recommendation Itaunas, Cafe Mimo was perfect. We stayed and ate along with our cold Sagres. Bife a Micaelense, Prego, Kale Soup, all very good from what I tried and the rest of the group enjoyed their meal as well.

      Combine that with our team winning the tournament, made for a great evening. Thanks.