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Jun 15, 2012 09:02 AM

New Cafe On Lakeshore Avenue

We've been noticing a new cafe opening on Lakeshore Avenue a little way past Beacon on the East side of Lake Merritt. I've been searching for info about it and can't find anything. Probably because I've got the name wrong. It's something like Lakeside Cafe or Lakeshore Cafe.

Any info greatly appreciated. It'd be grand (no pun intended) to be able to walk down the Cleveland Steps to breakfast.

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  1. I walked down there a few days after it opened and got an iced tea. The space was nice, really bright and airy, and all of the employees were very friendly. Just from looking at the pastries in the case I don't think the food is going to be anything special. It all just looked like the same pastries that they sell in all of the breakfast/lunch cafes all over downtown Oakland.

    It's a nice addition to the neighborhood and I'm sure I'll be stopping by again for coffee or tea. They also have free wi-fi and I saw a lot of people working on their computers.


      "also visit the Oakland Grill" I'm guessing same people.

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        I could be mistaken but, Lakeshore cafe has been there for a while

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          Could well be. I don't know the history. I just searched Lakeshore Cafe.

          I've eaten at Oakland Grill and thought it was good, not special, better than average, better than a Denny's.

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          I don't think Lakeshore Cafe is the new cafe the OP's referring to. I think the one she's talking about is a stand-alone building that used to be a hair salon (?), near the library but on the other side of the street.

          I'd seen a sign, but didn't know it was open so don't have any other information.

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            Per website you linked to, Lakeshore Cafe opened in 1937 & in its present Incarnation since 1985.

          2. It's Lakeview Cafe (Possibly named in honor of Lakeview Library across the street?)

            Had sandwiches there earlier this week, unfortunately nothing to write home to Chowhound about. They were edible, but it really seemed like food made by people who don't really care for food that much.

            Hopefully coffee is good.

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              Yes, mostly I think it's just a spot with a good view and easy access to the Lake for those walking by.