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Jun 15, 2012 08:36 AM

Lunch in Shelburne Falls?

A group (5 - 7 people) is doing a day trip to the Bridge of Flowers. We'd welcome any suggestions for a pleasant lunch either in Shelburne Falls or Buckland --- or anyplace else nearby.
(Also plan to go to the Lamson & Goodenow kitchen store after; comments on that????)

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  1. Currently, your choices for lunch are:

    The Bakers Oven, in the space where Cafe Martin used to be on Bridge Street. It's gourmet pizza and a few sandwiches and salads. Very good, though.
    The West End Pub, on the Buckland side, (still considered Shelburne Falls, by the way. The other side is the Shelburne side; together the village as a whole is Shelburne Falls), right on the river, with a nice deck though a group your size wouldn't be able to fit on said deck. Pub food, but good pub food. Interesting sandwiches. Same owner as Cafe Martin.
    McCuskers Market, also on the Buckland side. Order at the counter; it's a market with a sandwich department. Expect a bit of a wait for your food, but you can eat anywhere.
    I love the Lamson store, though it may be because I live here and the next nearest kitchen store is 45 minutes away. Lots of great deals on knife seconds and clearance items. The kitchen department is not high end, but seems to stock the less expensive, but highly serviceable and good quality cooking essentials. this, to me, is a good thing.

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      We second the West End Pub. They have a wonderful deck, though small, overlooking the bridge and the river. I've built up my knife collection at Lamson's over the years. You can save some money on great knives, plus they offer free sharpening if you UPS the knives back to them, Ithink they pay for return shipping.