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Jun 15, 2012 07:44 AM

Bones in Harleysville Closed

My wife drove by and noted that there was a tarp over the sign. Anybody have any idea what happened? I was in there a couple of times and the food was decent and there seemed to be patrons. I did have an unfortunate experience when I stopped in after work for a beer and was charge 6 bucks for a Bass. That's a pretty high price point for a bar/restaurant that rural.

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  1. It closed May 28th. Local newspaper article said it's been sold to Margarita's Mexican Restaurant.

    1. I heard that it closed suddenly. Had not eaten there in quite sometime. The carpets and chair upholstery were starting to look really shabby and the food was just "ok". Lots of other choices in the area. I went to the bar area a few times, with friends for drinks. Heard another rumor that Darren Daulton invested in the restaurant (Bones, not the new one) Who knows what to believe. The website for the Margarita's restaurant chain looks interesting. Hopefully they will replace the carpets and chairs and we'll have a new place for locals to check out.

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        I wouldn't get any hopes up. Margaritas in Ft. Washington, if it is the same chain, was spotty at best. One time it would be passable, the next it would be gristly meat and hard chunks in the refried beans. The quality was all over the place, so I decided to get off the roulette wheel there.

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            Oops, you are right. Sorry Margaritas! Anyone eaten there who can correct my comments?