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Jun 15, 2012 07:34 AM

Breweries/Brewpubs/Beer Bars

Hi Phoenix CHers. I'm a San Diego CH spending the next week in Scottsdale to escape the brutal June gloom here. Would like a couple of recommendations to sample the local brewing scene in terms of craft breweries and/or brewpubs. Also, a recommendation for a good bottle shop to stock the condo would be helpful. I really like big, strong, tasty beers and ales of all types. Staying in North Scottsdale but willing to travel somewhat. Thanks!

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  1. Whole Foods has a good selection of bottles, and there's 2 in North Scottsdale. For a much better selection but longer drive, check out Total Wine on Scottsdale south of Shea.

    As for actual pubs, start with Four Peaks- there's one up in North Scottsdale- they do a great job with both the beers and the brews. There's not that many other places that actually brew their own beers, but there are several places that have fantastic beer selections. Still up in North Scottsdale in Desert Ridge is a chain I think they have in SD, the Yard House. Food is "eh" for a chain, but a great beer selection. Other places in N. Scottsdale that ha

    Further south in Old Town Scottsdale, you have the Praying Monk which just opened, and is a tribute to all things Belgian beer-wise (they have other stuff too). South of Old Town is Papago Brewery, which actually does make their own beer which is quite good, but it is a bit of a drive for you, especially if you're firing down all sorts of beers :-)

    Further west from Old Town is a great place called OHSO (no idea what it stands for), which is supposed to have some of its own "nano brew" being developed, but in the meantime, has an amazing list of great beers on tap.

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      I don't get all that excited about Four Peaks beers or their brewpubs, no particular reason other than its OK, but not that great, for me. I know they are extremely popular, but that could just be because most people are followers and joiners or maybe people really do think they make really good beer...

      OHSO, on the other hand, has a great selection of rare and unusual brews, many local to AZ. These guys seem to be much more hardcore about the details of gourmet beer and they are pretty strongly focused on the local craftbrew scene. I'd think that'd be the best brewpub for a serious beer lover. I've not tried their food, though.

      edit: not sure if the Scottsdale Road location of Sportmans is still open. They have a photo of it on the website, but the address is not listed, just the Phoenix/Cambelback location.

      There is also a Total Wine in Desert Ridge for stocking up the condo. If you want to go to a local wine/beer/booze store, try Sportman's location on Scottsdale Road near Shea. Its more about wine than beer, but its still a good spot with knowledgable and passionate staff and its not a chain, if that matters to ya.

    2. Many thanks! Papago was on my list but this is the first I hear of OHSO and the Praying Monk. Will try to make two or all three this week and report back. Looking forward to trying the local beers and it's always good to have a Belgian for good measure . :)

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        I went to OHSO for dinner last night because of this thread. The chile verde tacos are quite good, but pretty dang spicy. Nice house made flour tortillas and a good cole slaw, roasted salsa and guacamole. Probably a third or half of their beers are from AZ. Lots of IPAs as is trendy these days. It was super packed and really loud inside at 7 PM on a Friday. They have a nice back patio with misters and a good view of Camelback mountain.

      2. Been hearing good things about a place near Greyhawk called CBCB (Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers) Haven't been there personally but if anyone has a report?

        1. There is also Nimbus brewpub
          I can't vouch for their beer or food, but it looks worth checking out at least.

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            Avoid Nimbus at all costs. I had the Blonde and it was undrinkable and the food was inedible. We had to send back wings as way undercooked. The service was atrocious. Truly a monumental let down as it is in a great location and we were really looking forward to it. Worst meal in 10 years in AZ!!!

            1. re: danieli10

              Wow. I think there was a pretty bad review on Chow Bella as well on this place. Too bad- always like to see local breweries do good, but I can honestly say I've never had one of their beers, so I guess I'll never know what I'm missing!

          2. Total Wine is excellent.We're going to be in Cave Creek over the 4th of July, and were in Phoenix back in March. You can find almost everything at Total Wine. They do have several locations. I found my favorite Belgian (Exit 4 from NJ) there, but can't get it in Chicago. I will try the suggested places in this thread for sure though!