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Jun 15, 2012 07:18 AM

Fancy birthday dinner for a vegetarian..?

My best friend's birthday is coming up in 15 days, and I need a really great place for her. For my birthday, she took me to the Per Se lounge (not the dining room), so I definitely want something in that level of fancy-schmancy-ness! I've looked at all the usual options, such a EMP, Daniel, Masa, Le Bernadin, River Cafe, Brooklyn Table, etc, but it's harder than I thought to find a place with a vegetarian chef's menu!

I had called the NoMad Rooftop the other day, and they offered a vegetarian tasting menu, but I had read mediocre reviews? I would hope to keep the cost of dinner + wine under $500 (as the PerSe prix fixe menu would come out to around $600 total). I know this sounds like a tough order, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I believe that vegetarian tasting menus are available upon request at Daniel, EMP, and Picholine.

    1. Look into Blue Hill as well.

        1. You will have no problem with vegetarian requests at EMP, Daniel, or Picholine. My GF is a vegetarian and has had veg tasting menus at all of these restaurants multiple times and has always been happy (for the most part).

          I would say EMP is probably your best bet for a special occasion AND vegetarian. Oh, and another one you might want to look into is The Dining Room at The Modern, with advance notice they do wonderful things with vegetarian menus.

          FYI - Le Bernardin for veg is a bit of a disappointment, Brooklyn Fare will not do a veg tasting, River Cafe is good but not as good as others.

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            Ok, based on the available dates for reservations, I'm either going with the Modern or River Cafe (I seriously cannot resist that view). Thanks for all your help!!

          2. Dovetail is also vegeterian friendly. I don't know if they still do it but they had a Monday night vegeterian menu a while ago.