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Jun 15, 2012 07:13 AM

ISO pure almond extract... at a good price

So, normally I buy McCormick's pure almond extract at the regular supermarket. But a few years back, I was able to buy a 16 oz bottle of another brand at my local Marshall's.

I'm now down to my last teaspoon or so, and was wondering if there was another place I should check out for pure almond extract at a good price since I haven't spotted extract at either TJ Maxx nor Marshall's in recent months.


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  1. Wow! How do you manage to go through 16 oz of almond extract in a few years? A 1` oz bottle lasts me several years, at least.

    Problem with almond extract is that many brands are now artificial. Penzey's, in Arlington Height, has pure almond extract, a 8 oz. bottle for $15.99, or 16 oz. for $29.25.

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    1. re: jira

      You're right, maybe it was 8 oz in 3-4 years... but it only cost $9.99 back then, and I love baked goods and sweets with almond extract in it.

      Thanks for the info on Penzey's!

      Any other odd ball location for a great extract deal?

    2. I get mine at Christina's, and I've been happy with the product. Cant remember how much it is.