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Jun 15, 2012 07:09 AM

looking for great deli or gourmet food store that does gift packages

A good friend in Philly just had a baby and I want to send some yummy food her way...I'm trying to find a local place like Katz's Deli (but cheaper! shipping is ridiculously expensive) that has a mail-order or delivery business. Any ideas? (I tried the 4th St. Deli but they only do catering for 10.) Any ideas appreciated!

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  1. I use Talulah's Table for gifts.. cheeses, honies etc.

    Tabora Farms is a great farm in Bucks County. They do gift baskets.

    Our best cheese store in the city is DiBruno Bros, similar to Dean and Deluca's in NYC.

    I do not know your price range. If these and the other suggestions I am sure others will provide are out of your price range, give us a bit more information, and perhaps we can refine our suggestions.

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      Thank you! That's a great start. Makes me refine my idea-- I'm looking for something more substantial than cheese and crackers, more like soups, deli meats, lasagnas that can be re-heated etc etc...anything a tired couple can pull from the fridge/freezer, nosh on, re-heat, etc. I'd say my price ceiling is $100.

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        DiBruno's baskets can include meats and other items to make it more substantial. You could also call them. They have a lot of prepared foods available for purchase and they may make deliveries.

        Depending on what part of the city your friend is in, you might also try a service like Grubhub, which allows you to order restaurant meals for delivery.

        1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

          +1 for Grubhub

          For deli I was thinking Koch's also.. they are in University city so not knowing where your friend is, not sure if they would be an option. That did lead me to the site below which is another site of restaurants where you can order online and have food delivered.

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            ALso look at, similar idea to grub hub but has a lot of higher end restaurants.

      2. The Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop always manages to put together a delicious basketful -- always a new (or new to me) cracker, cookie, sweet.

        1. Great Harvest Bread Company does some lovely baskets but I think they have only bread type foods in their baskets...quite delicious bread in many flavors! And scones...and cookies...nothing to make a complete meal though...except breakfast with their cinnamon bread and their scones. Come to think of it, they do sell soup in their stores but I'm not sure they deliver that.

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