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Jun 15, 2012 06:36 AM

What time do dim sum places normally open?

Coming back from a red-eye flight and arriving at YYZ at 7am.
They're not going to be feeding us on the plane, so I know we're going to be famished, but we're not big breakfast eaters.
Would dim sum or any other non-breakfast places be open around 8am?

Edited to add that we live in Markham, so any place between the airport and Markham is fine :)

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  1. Zet's right near the airport is open 24 hours and you can get anything off of their menu. Classic Greek diner food -- steaks, souvlaki, fish and chips, sandwiches, etc. It's a good greasy spoon.

    Dim sum at Grand in the Doubletree hotel near the airport doesn't open until 10:30 for dim sum.

    1. Centre Street Deli opens at 7am every day - think their full deli menu is available at all times. Maybe also Kiva's or Steeles Deli?

      1. St Phillip's Bakery's 2 locations are open at 7 am, if you like pastries, sandwiches and coffee.

        Is Perfect still in business? They used to offer 24 dim sum, as did another place just west of Yonge + Finch. Haven't heard anything about either, lately.

        The Markham Station in Scarborough is open 24 h, as is Owl of Minerva on Yonge.

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          That would be "Not Just Dim Sum" at Yonge and Finch, but it only stays open late; does not open until 11:00 am. Not on my recommendation list, but I would go there before going to Perfect in Scarborough. Perfect starts serving dim sum at 7:00 am, but only go there if your craving for dim sum is at a desperation level. Perfect is one of the dirtiest and rudest Chinese restaurants around....but the prices are cheap..... Disclaimer: I have not been to either restaurant in many, many years.

          1. re: T Long

            Glad you put a disclaimer on Perfect. Things have changed!!!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Glad you have found a new go-to place in Scarborough. I don't think I'll be giving them another chance any time soon though.

              1. re: T Long

                'Perfect' - Definitely NOT my go to place in Scarborough!! Just that the one time I was there for early Dim Sum, overall experience and food was OK! But then, the people I was with were 'morning regulars', so may be our treatment was different??!!

              2. re: Charles Yu

                I've got to agree with T Long on Perfect. The staff are by far the rudest people and the restaurant is quite dirty as well (stains on chairs, etc.). I've got to admit though that I've never been for dimsum, and several friends are regulars there ("decent food at a super cheap price," they claim), but my last dinner experience there about a year ago was so off-putting, that I would not recommend anyone go there. Even if you are desperate and they were the only remaining Chinese restaurant in the province. This is not hyperbole or was THAT bad. Just my opinion, of course, but my standards for food are not what anyone would call high.

              3. re: T Long

                Not just dim sum has gotten way worse. Things have been bad since they received a "red" flag from toronto health a few.

                The last straw for me was when I ordered fried turnip with chili and in the past it was a dish very similar to the offerings of Congee Wong / Congee Time etc. This time it was a combination of recycled steamed turnip cake with meat inside (e.g. what you normally get at dim sum,), briefly pan cooked with some sort of sauce reminiscient of what usually goes with singapore style dishes (e.g. very yellow from tumeric). No chilis. It was inedible. I've not gone back since then.

            2. I know its not Dim Sum buy 24/7 just south of the 401 on Ave rd

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              1. Perfect Chinese Restaurant on Sheppard and Brimley starts serving Dim Sum at 7.00 am. They are in fact 24/7!