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Jun 14, 2012 11:07 PM

Sydney Restaurants


I will be heading to Sydney in November for 4 nights and looking at some restaurant ideas. We are staying in a Junior Suite at Swissotel, which includes full breakfast and afternoon canapes, so I am only looking at one meal a day and having the other as a lighter option (probably something in the Westfield food court or in Darling Harbour as these are our two favourite spots for spur of the moment meals). Around three years ago I ate at Aria, and really enjoyed it, and last year when we went to Sydney we really enjoyed a seafood platter at Jordans, before it closed down.

We are looking for somewhere that might have a seafood platter comparable to what we had at Jordan's (Jordons deluxe seafood platter 159 (for two) 229 (for three) 299 (for four)
½ lobster grilled with garlic herb butter, ½ lobster with mornay sauce, blue swimmer crab, natural oysters, kilpatrick oysters, singapore chilli crab, chilled prawns and grilled bugs, marinated octopus squid and mussels, beer battered fish, seafood skewers, hot pot mussels, chips and condiments).

I am also thinking of dining at the following restaurants - any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Marque Restaurant (for the Friday Prixe Fixe lunch)

Inceberg (for the views and I hear the food is good as well?)

Wildfire (for the experience and of course the views)

I know I will be recommended Quay & Sepia and they are definitely on the list and we will eat there at some point in time (whether it be this trip or next) but any other restaurant suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We prefer walking and are happy to walk up to 3km for dinner or further for lunch.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Also, my fiance is not a huge fan of most Asia cuisines so we would be looking at seafood, modern Australian, South American & European style restaurants.

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      Also, if anyone has any special deal suggestions I always love a good deal (for example we are looking at having dinner at Quarter 21 on the Tuesday as they have a $30 deal and also the Marque Friday Prix Fixe).

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        Westfield is better than many places but it is still a food court. Quater 21 is the best (apart from Becasse) - but I agree with Onara it seems slightly sad that a visitor to Sydney goes to Westfield and Darling Harbour. Chinatown and Thaitown are two far more satisfying options.

        Tricky to give advice on seafood platters, I think Nicks is still going throng on King Street Wharf, but last time I went I was seated near a coach party of 16 year old Italian girls (and. That is not a delight!), but they do platters and things. Wooloomooloo wharf has a seafood place (maybe a Nicks) and it is far classier than DH or KSW - I haven't tried is as I only get as far as AkI's which is a superb Indian.

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          Thanks for the suggestions Phil. I guess what we like about Darling Harbour is the atmosphere and that the general quality is quite good for a lazy lunch or dinner. Last time we went to Sydney we stayed nearby and it was really relaxing to go down and have a few drinks or afternoon tea down there.

          Westfield well I know that is a foodcourt but when you have been shopping it is good to be able to find somewhere like that that is inexpensive but has a lot better quality than any other food court we have been to. Also, we are staying right next to it this time so is handy as I will have the every hungry fiancee with me.

          Chinatown and Thaitown are good suggestions, however we have a very good Chinatown in Adelaide and I go to the Central markets (adjacent to the chinatown) at least once a week. Plus - the fiancee is not a huge Asian food fan.

          Will definitely try out Wooloomooloo, sounds good.

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            There's also Cafe Sydney for a seafood platter (or the Fish Markets, course), if you feel like straying from Darling Harbour.

    2. I've not eaten at Wildfire, but I don't get the impression it's well regarded. Also, if there's a ship in port, it won't have a view of anything but the side of the ship

      Westfield food court and Darling Harbour?

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        I had quite a few very averge meals at Wildfire in its heyday, have not been for years but it is firmly on the tourist circuit and a magnate for big nights out from the burbs.

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          Thanks Onara.

          I liked the Churrasco idea of Wildfire. I will be travelling with my fiancee, and also his sister and her friend (who is 18), so was looking at somewhere that would have a good atmosphere before maybe heading out. Is there somewhere you could suggest that would fit this bill? The future sister-in-law and her friend aren't really foodies so would like to keep it under $80 a head, but that said looking for something that is a bit different.