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Jun 14, 2012 08:13 PM

pizza in Bethany Beach

So, I've read enough threads to know not to go to Grotto's for pizza, but I've only seen minimal input regarding where we should go. My family will be spending our first week in Bethany Beach at the end of June, and we're looking for a good place to get take out pizza for 12 people. Thanks for any input you can offer!

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  1. There is nothing good pizza-wise right in Bethany, but a very short drive down the coast toward Fenwick Island will take you to Surf's Edge. It's worth it.

    1. A little past fenwick in north ocean city and still a short drive south on route 1 from Bethany is Lombardi's Pizza which is great. Maybe a ten minute drive. Well worth it plus you can get pastas in a New York style Italian restaurant. 4 places not to miss in Bethany are Blue Coast for fresh fish and seafood, Defibo's for high end Italian (great veal chop, homemade pastas) , Misaki sushi wand Capriotti's for hoagies

      1. Thanks! We'll check out both options for pizza, and I'll look up the other places as well.

        1. LOL you should try Grotto once. Sure it's divisive, but plenty of people who know what good food is like it.

          Or if you get up to Rehoboth, try Nicola -- similar style of pizza.

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            I agree........while Grotto's is not my favorite pizza, my wife and daughter refuse to eat anything else. My experience is the best way to buy it is par-baked and then reheat at 500 in the oven. I prefer my crust crisp and this does the trick....I also believe the cheese piza is much better than ones with toppings....not sure why since I am a devoted pepperoni man...

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              Great advice on both counts -- the par-baked pies come out nice and crisp, and cheese is the only way to go for us. It's a simple pie, and the toppings just weigh it down.

              Instead, I'd say get some meatballs on the side -- Grotto makes great meatballs -- and a salad.

              PS Regarding Nicola, while of course their pizza has lots of fans, I'd recommend the Nic-o-boli (basically a stromboli).

              We usually hit Louie's on Rehoboth Ave near the boards for pizza during our beach week as well, but this year were are actually down in Bethany for the first time, so we'll probably do most of our eating down there and are looking forward to trying the restaurants like Bluecoast, Off the Hook, etc.

          2. I would recommend Mama Maria in Dewey Beach. Best NY style pizza in the area.

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              I have to agree. We have been going to Bethany Beach for 25+ years. We drive up to Dewey for Mama Maria's.