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Jun 14, 2012 07:53 PM

Coneheads ( Ambler ) now Sweet Briar Cafe

A new owner Jeannette has purchased Coneheads and is transforming it into the Sweet Briar Cafe. She plans to make it slightly more upscale--artisan breads, soups, higher prices and maybe BYOB. I hope she catches on that what makes Coneheads so likeable is the cheap, down-home, diner food. Glad to see someone caring about it, but hoping the changes are minimal. BYOB just doesnt sound like a place little league-ers go after the game. Best wishes, Jeannette, but dont get crazy with the prices. Coneheads was all about small town life, not trendy dining.

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  1. I don't know how I feel about this news. I have always believed that Ambler desperately needs a little casual BYO cafe that is laid back an family friendly. It sounds like this will fill that need. But I love Coneheads! It's such an integral part of the neighborhood, the water ice and ice cream are so good, much much better than nearby Rita's. We actually were there last night and it was such a nice atmosphere, all local families, catching up. It had such a warm community feeling. I really hope we do not lose that.

    1. Looks like coneheads is operating in oreland now!

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          100 Pennsylvania Ave
          Great food, good ice cream. Original crew from ambler

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            That's about a quarter mile from me -- in the deli at the corner of Pennsylvania and Twining. I'll have to check it out.

      1. We have been back to Coneheads (now Sweet briar) for ice cream a few times and it still the same, and I heard the owners plan to keep it that way (yay!). They did add ice cream sandwiches on home made cookies from the bakery next door, can't wait to try them!

        My daughter and I went for breakfast in Saturday and it was really nice. The family running te restaurant really went out of their way to give good service. It's still the same as Coneheads, casual and family friendly. I always loved Coneheads for ice cream but never really thought of them as an option for breakfast or lunch. I have to say, I will be back, they had a nice small and inexpensive menu. My daughter and I got breakfast sandwiches, they were good and te bread was really fresh. We tried their blueberry lemonade and raspberry/mint lemonade and it was really good as well. The two of us ate for less than 8 dollars. But, my three year old would not let us leave without getting ice cream, so we got a really good chocolate raspberry chip (perfect ending to breakfast is ice cream!). Overall I think it's a great casual little local spot and I will definitely go back.

        1. This is truly heartbreaking....Coneheads has been around as long as I can remember, I'm 33. They may have a similar style restaurant but I will still call it Coneheads.

          1. Sweet Brier Cafe juts started serving dinners and I wanted to report back. We went for dinner last night, and it was a perfect inexpensive relaxed dinner for the end of a busy day with a wound up toddler. My husband and I had delicious food and brought a bottle of wine, while my daughter happily had chicken fingers and ice cream. The menu is limited, based on comfort foods. My husband had eggplant Napoleon with pasta and I had stuffed cabbage with a side of roasted squash. Both quite good, very home made tasting. All entrees come with soup or salad, we both had the beef stew soup which was fantastic. All entrees also come with some of their fantastic ice cream. The three of us ate for $33, quite a bargain. It was very laid back, full if locals, and absolutely nothing or trendy or upscale about it!

            We have been going for breakfast and lunch fairly frequently since they changed ownership. Food and service has been fantastic (though service can be slow at times, it seems like thy still may be getting their footing). They have some creative specials, great pancakes and my daughters new favorite sandwich (the "monkey", grilled with peanut butter and bananas). I think that this is definitely a step up from Coneheads, while still keeping its family friendly and casual vibe.