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Jun 14, 2012 06:21 PM

Where's the Beef (ribs)?

Does anyone know of a place, preferably on the west side, that serves bbq beef ribs? I checked Famous Dave's on-line menu and they don't have them. In the L.A. area I used to get them at Tony Roma's but here, all I see on their menu is a beef short rib. Is there a reason why I can't find beef ribs here in LV?

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  1. Tony Roma's on Sahara has beef ribs.
    So does Lucille's in Green Valley.

    I love beef ribs too, but they're hard to find anywhere.

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      I checked Roma's on-line menu and only saw short ribs. I'll give 'em a call to confirm before I schlep over there. We usually buy a couple of slabs at a time.

      Any idea why they're so hard to find??

    2. Best beef ribs I've found in Vegas so far is at the PBR Bar & Grill in Planet Hollywood. Kinda expensive at $28 for a full rack, but extremely good and tender.

      It's been awhile since I've been, but I thought TC's Rib Crib had beef ribs when they were at their old location. Not sure if they still have it at their new place.

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        Thanks, Wonginator.
        I just pulled up their menu and, if it's current, it looks perfect. It's not that far from me and the price is about the same as I used to pay at Roma's in L.A.

      2. I just got a menu from Big Paul's BBQ (Desert Inn at Pecos-McLeod) that has added beef ribs:

        "Friday Night Rodeo"
        "Meaty Smoked Beef Ribs With Your Choice of 1 Side" 12.99

        They've also added hickory smoked prime rib (8 oz) with 2 sides at the same price.

        I don't know if they're good, but I have enjoyed the pork ribs and beef brisket there. (I also haven't had a chance to find out if "Friday Night Rodeo" means it's available on Fridays only.)