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Jun 14, 2012 06:19 PM

driving from Denver to Indianapolis.

Hi all
I will be driving from Denver to Indianapolis in a few weeks. We will be driving on I-70 through Kansas and Missouri and would love some recommendations of places to eat along the way. We are up for anything but I would especially love a good BBQ place somewhere along the way!

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  1. If you just have time for one BBQ place in KC, I'd recommend Oklahoma Joe's, which is actually in KC Kansas. "Joe's" is an Anthony Bourdain favorite, if that means anything to you, and it's also the "go-to" place for a lot of serious "que" people in KC. And it's not too far off I-70. You're going to want to take Exit 422A, and head south on US 169 to 47th Avenue. Okie Joe's is at 3002 W. 47th.

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      Thanks! i'm sure we will check that out

    2. It is hard to know where you will be at what time so a little list.
      As far as Missouri, the main places you will find good food is Kansas City, Columbia, Mo and St.Louis. There is not a lot in between. Columbia for a smaller town has some great places and none of them would be that far off the highway. I would search those places and read those threads.
      Flat Branch Pub and Brewing
      CC' City Broiler-steak house only open for dinner
      Sycamore-James Beard nominated chef
      There are quite a few places for breakfast here. A recent thread from the St. Louis Post Dispatch forum

      St. Louis-there are so many places but a couple of places I like-
      A lot of people go to Pappy's for q but I love Bogart's and it is less crowded.
      A favorite neighborhood place for St. Louis style Italian is Fratelli's right of the highway in a strip mall @ Zumbehl exit coming into St. Charles. My favorite version St. Louis Pizza and your chance to try provel cheese. They will use mozzarella if you ask I think.

      A few other places-
      Glenn's in Boonville, Mo
      It is in an old hotel and if you drink a little wine with dinner, all you have to do is walk up the staircase to your room.

      Lonnie Ray's Cafe for BBQ in Harrisburg, Mo

      East of St Louis in Effingham,Il- unexpected food out in the middle of truckstop land.
      the firefly grill

      1. Be sure to stop at Booche's in Columbia, old pool hall downtown which serves some of the very best hamburgers anywhere in the country...many think they are the best!

        1. Timing will make all of the difference in the world. Where will you be when it is lunch time. Where is dinner?

          If you leave Denver mid-to-late morning you should hit Abilene right in time for dinner. Be sure to stop at the Brookville Hotel for the best fried chicken dinner I've ever had. It is served family style and it is a can't miss meal.

          1. One of the Gates BBQ's is near I-70 on the east side of KC. It one or two exits east of the stadiums.Good burnt end sandwich. Le Bourgeouis in Rocheport is cool, too. Abohe wineryut 20 miles west of Columbia. It is part of the winery and has interesting up-scale food.