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Jun 14, 2012 06:17 PM

Suggestions please for nice restaurant on Oahu for anniversary dinner

Hello food people! I am looking for some suggestions for a special occasion dinner on Oahu in early September. We have a family vacation planned for September 5-12 which just happens to cover my 17th wedding anniversary. Hubby and i have never been away for our anniversary so I want to make a reservation for a truly memorable dinner. Not overly concerned about the price but we will have our two picky teenage daughters with us so I was thinking something with a variety, maybe a salad bar, prime rib, seafood, and also of equal importance, a great atmosphere. Something on a beach, so we can take in the sunset... We will have a car so driving off the Waikiki strip is not a problem.

Thanks in advance! Robin

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  1. First, aloha, and then, happy anniversary.

    Here are my choices, and most are in, or very near Waikiki:

    La Mer - a French take on Hawai`ian cuisine. Upper-end, and gentlemen MUST wear jackets. Ask for a table over House Without a Key, if dining early. Little is better than having great Hawai`ian music from the pool are below. If later than that "show," then a table over the Pacific is fine.

    Alan Wong's King Street - a favorite of ours, and though it lacks a "view," the food and service are excellent.

    Chef Mavro's - Chef Mavro WAS the executive chef of La Mer, some many years ago. They are also on King Street, one block from AW's. They lack a "view," but make up for that with food, service and wine.

    This is not to "diss" some other restaurants, but they are my "go-to" spots, and especially for any "special occasion." We have celebrated many birthdays, and anniversaries at each. They have never let us down, a any level.

    Aloha, and happy anniversary,


    PS - depending on where you are staying, the latter two might be a short cab-ride, but worth it.

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      Thank you, I had read about House without a Key previously and it sounded wonderful but I was looking for a dining experience and not just drinks so La Mer sounds perfect. I'll look into the other suggestions as well and check out menus etc. Thank you for taking the time to reply!


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        HWAK is a great venue, but only for apps. (pu`pus) and drinks. We have actually dined there, an were highly disappointed. La Mer, is upstairs, overlooking both HWAK and the wonderful show, or the Pacific Ocean. I choose the former, though have done the latter.

        La Mer is definitely up-scale (gentlemen must wear jackets), but the food has always impressed, going way back, to when Chef Mavro was the Executive Chef, and he wine list is unmatched by anywhere in Hawai`i. The service has usually been at a "3-star" level, but once the wine service was a let-down. That was many years ago, and the sommelier has changed.

        On O`ahu, I cannot imagine a better fine-dining meal, than La Mer, with an early table, overlooking HWAK. There is "magic" to that combo, at least for me.



    2. I haven't had the pleasure of La Mer yet (it's on my Bucket List) but I do second Hunt's suggestion for Alan Wong's. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is very welcoming. You mention two "picky" teenage daughters so while I'm unsure of what their preferences are, AWs does offer their own version of crab cakes and a Caesar salad, as well as several seafood options and a lovely garlic steak that is favored by my sister whenever we dine there while I'm visiting family on the Island. Whatever you choose to do - enjoy!

      1. Aloha and Happy Anniversary!
        I would go to House without a key for drinks/app's and Hawaiian music and then walk across the street to either Roy's..which is fantastic and not like any of the other Roy's in the mainland.

        Since you have your two picky teenagers, maybe some casual like Shorebird at the Outrigger where you can cook up your own meal and I believe they still have their salad bar.

        Everyday happy hours at Hula Grill and Duke's at the Outrigger next to the Moana has great $4 mai tais, calamari and pork sliders for cheap and oceanfront and we spent a lot of our time after swimming out front to catch some good food and drink for cheap and kids are welcome.

        Rumfire at the Sheraton Waikiki is another great option.